Parenting Matters

We know that everyone gets excited about the holiday season, no matter how or what we celebrate. It may be the holiday break from school and work, the opportunity to gather with friends or family, the chance to ski (pray for snow!), etc. There is beauty in the diversity of all unique rituals, roles, and traditions in our community. Along with that, come the common [...]

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For anyone who didn't grow up in the USA Thanksgiving can seem an odd Holiday. I mean, there you are just recovering from the sugar high of Halloween and already panicking about everything you have to get done by December 24th, and boom - you need to roast a turkey! I guess the pilgrims weren't as concerned with how many shopping weekends until Santa arrives [...]

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Important Dates for Your November Calendar

Can you believe that we only have 7 weekends until Santa arrives? And for all of us the remainder of 2021 is starting to look really busy! However, we have a few more important dates for your calendar. The first one and a VERY important one is that the Club will be CLOSED on November 11th and 12th. The 11th is Veteran's Day and a National Holiday. The 12th is a staff training day for LTUSD (postponed from during the heavy smoke conditions in August). As you know, when the schools are closed during vacations, we open for full days to support our members and working families. However, to do that, we need staff and unfortunately, as a number of our staff work for the School District, they are unavailable on the 12th.

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A Howling Good Time

When we woke to snow on Monday morning, the howling wind of Sunday seemed nothing in comparison.  And while some golfers may have cursed the sudden gusts as their shots went wide, the generous pours of Bloody Mary’s and Sidelis beer made sure everyone still had a fabulous time at the 28th Golf Classic at Edgewood Tahoe. 144 players took to the course, with Rampant MacDuffs having a record breaking 5 foursomes as part of their 40th birthday celebrations for Scotty.  Other foursomes included the Optimists, South Tahoe Refuse and US Bank.

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