Applications for our summer 2024 program will be available April 1 to 19, 2024.

If you have any questions regarding summer camps, field trips, or our summer program, email [email protected].

  • Club will be open for summer from June 24th to August 16th.

  • We will be CLOSED the 4th and 5th July for the National Holiday.

  • Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8.00am to 5.30pm

  • Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are provided for FREE

  • You will not be charged any fees until you are given a place at Club.

  • We will not be accepting incoming TK students (those who have not yet attended school) for the summer.

  • EVERYONE has to apply for the summer, even if you’ve been a member in the school year.

  • Prior membership is not a guarantee of a place; preference will be given to low-income, foster and homeless youth.

Cost for General Membership:

Family Income (All Parties even if Separated)

Membership Fee per Child

Under $50,000 per Year* FREE
Under $75,000 per Year $400
Under $100,000 per Year $500
Under $125,000 per Year $600
Under $150,000 per Year $700
Over $150,000 per Year $800

*Proof of income is required and must be submitted prior to summer starting.  Members in foster care and who are homeless are also free.

All fees are subsidized by a State of California grant.  Anyone who is not a California resident will be required to pay the full $800 for the summer or apply for a scholarship.

Punch Cards:



10 $250
20 $500

Punch cards can only be used for the summer and can not be applied to the school year or other breaks.

Fees for specialty camps and field trips are SEPARATE from general summer membership.

You do NOT have to have a summer membership to attend one of our camps. However, field trips will only be open to summer members. The camp schedules and fees are listed in the table below.

Families can register their interest in a summer membership and/or specialty camps on April 1st via their parent portal. If you are new to the Club, you can sign-up for the parent portal on the parent portal tab at

We do NOT have paper applications. If you are struggling with the online parent portal, you can book an appointment with a member of the Membership Services Team to assist you. [email protected] or 530.542.0838 between 11am-6pm.

Registration will be open until April 19th. If you miss the registration period, you will automatically be placed on the waitlist.

Priority for enrollment goes to low-income families, children in foster care, or who are experiencing homelessness.

We will continue to update members via text, Facebook, email and this website with Club information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a sliding scale of fees?

The Club has entered a partnership with LTUSD on a State grant and the grant requires that low-income families, children in foster care and homeless children are free. It also requires a sliding scale of fees for other income brackets. The Club works hard on fundraising to keep costs low for all members.

Do you have a multiple children discount?

No. The Club is keeping our rates the same as in 2022, and our fees are based on income. Any family struggling to pay their fees are welcome to apply for assistance through our Team AWESOME scholarship.

Do you still offer scholarships?

Yes, we still have scholarships available to cover the cost of camps, special activities and membership fees if you do not qualify for the free or reduced rates. To apply for a scholarship contact [email protected] and be aware that will be required to provide proof of both monthly income and expenditure.

If my kid does other camps can I get a discount since they won’t be here all summer?

The Club does not offer any discounts. If your child is participating in lots of other camps, a punch card is your best option. You should also be aware that many other local camps are not full days, therefore you will still be able to use your Club membership on the same day. However, please do not take a Club membership if your use will be minimal. We have many families who rely on the full-day, Monday through Friday, nature of our summer program to work and support their families.

I was on the waitlist last summer, am I still on the waitlist?

We restart enrollment for EVERYONE at the start of summer AND the start of the school year. So participation in one does not guarantee you a place in the other. Everyone has to reapply for summer 2023.

I don’t have a regular income – how do I know what income bracket I am?

Please make your best estimate for your annual income, including high and low earning months. As this is a State Grant, we may be audited and at that time you may be asked to provide proof of income via tax return statements. If you have earned significantly more than you originally stated, you will be asked to pay the difference.

I am divorced, can I just use my income?

We require you to report the combined income of both parents, especially if both parents will be using Club services. If the other parent is absent but provides child support, you should include that in your annual income.

If you have remarried and your new partner contributes to the family support, please place yourself in whichever is the highest income bracket – you plus new partner or you plus the other parent.

My child attends a school in a different district, why do I have to pay more?

The Club has a partnership with LTUSD that provides funding to make Club free or lower cost for most participants. That funding can only be applied to LTUSD students.

Can I get a refund if we don’t use our membership?

We only give refunds if a member moves outside of the Club service area. Proof of your move will be required (such as a mortgage or rental agreement in a different city). Refunds are provided pro rata.

What if I am put on the waitlist?

Bear with us! Staffing has been particularly challenging in the past year, and we are constantly seeking staff so we can absorb as many members as possible. If we don’t start the summer fully staffed, we will keep hiring and for every additional hire that is another 20 members we can take.

But WE WILL CALL YOU when we have a place. We reach out as soon as we have a place that is in your child’s grade and if you are next on the list. Calling us each week will not get a different answer and we promise that we are doing our best to employ more staff!

Why can’t you accept all applications?

Safety is our number 1 priority, and we will never take more members than staffing and space allows for a safe and quality experience. Our ratio is 20:1 for 1st through 12 grade and 10:1 for TK and Kinder.

How do you prioritize applicants?

Low-income families (those who qualify for free and reduced meals – app. less than $46,000 a year household income), children in foster care and children who are homeless receive priority and we always try to accommodate foster and homeless youth regardless of when they apply.

After that we prioritize essential workers, those who must be at their place of work in order to earn their living, and existing Club members.

However, we are always over subscribed for places and therefore being an essential worker or previous membership is not a guarantee.

Do you offer specialty summer camps?

Yes. We have art, STEM, circus, and soccer camps! Camps are open to EVERY child (you do not need a summer membership). Camps have their own start and finish times and do include meals. Enrollment for our camps will start on April 1st.

What time are the drop off windows for the general summer program?

8-10am and 12-1am are drop off windows. If you’d like breakfast arrive before 9am and if you’d like lunch arrive before 12 noon.

What should I make sure my kid has every day?

Kids should bring a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, and other items to meet their basic needs throughout the day. Younger grades should have a change of clothing in case of accidents.

What CAN’T my kid bring?

We discourage kids from bringing any toys or items from home. On occasion, groups will do a share day and will be asked to bring something from home.

No electronics such as iPads, computers, Nintendo switch or Pokemon cards.

The Club will not be responsible for any lost, broken, damaged or stolen items.