Safety is Our Number One Priority

At The Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe, there is nothing more important than the safety of our members. We work every day to create a safe, fun and educational environment that enables our members to reach their full potential.

We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior of any kind, including bullying, fighting, drug use, child sexual abuse or misconduct. From strict adherence of policies and guidelines within Club facilities and staffing structure, to equipping young people with the critical thinking and social-emotional skills to make healthy, safe choices; ensuring Club members are safe is the first step in their success.

For the nearly half a million young people who enter the doors of a Boys & Girls Club each day, Clubs offer safe, inclusive spaces and experiences that empower members’ learning and growth.  And the data shows that our approach works:

Club teens are more likely to abstain from health-risk behaviors like alcohol and smoking than their peers Nationally.

Clubs provide safety, mentorship and a sense of community during the critical out-of-school hours. 56% of club Alumni said the club “saved my life”

Clubs help build a sense of civic responsibility and Leadership. In fact, 83% of club members belive they can make a difference in their communities and 89% stand up for what they think is right.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Lake Tahoe continually updates and innovates robust safety policies, programs and training for Club staff and volunteers that are designed to protect young people from threats that are present in our society.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory criminal background checks for all staff and volunteers.
  • A Board led Safety Committee elevating safety to the highest level of governance.
  • A mandatory annual safety assessment and property review by local Fire Inspector.
  • Any employee looking to move to another Club, MUST have a reference from the previous Club.
  • Immediately reporting of any incident regardless of severity to the appropriate authorities and then to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
  • Club code of conduct for all members and parents.
  • Documented ICR system
  • All staff trained in CPR
  • Senior staff trained as child advocates

Boys & Girls Clubs of America advocated for the passage of the U.S. PROTECT ACT, which improved background screening systems and access, and is proud to partner with the following organizations to develop safety practices that benefit ALL youth-serving organizations.

Effective January 1, 2020, there is new legislation in California that expands the statute of limitations for sexual abuse claims by giving survivors until the age of 40, or five years from discovery that an injury or illness resulted from their abuse, whichever is later, to file civil lawsuits. The previous age limit was 26 or within three years of discovery. The new legislation also provides a three year window for survivors to file a lawsuit regardless of when the abuse occurred, which also opens on January 1, 2020. Any injury proven to be the result of a defendant’s concerted effort to hide evidence of sexual abuse may result in triple damages.

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures


  • While the County is listed as mild or moderate on the CDC website for COVID-19, masks are optional at Club for both members and staff.
  • If the County becomes severe for COVID-19 or variants per the CDC website, we reserve the right to reinstate the mask mandate for all individuals entering our building.

Club arrival and entrance:

  • All members to have their temperature taken and recorded upon arrival,
  • Members with a temperature of 100F or higher will be sent home and not be permitted to attend Club until their temperature has remained below 100F for 3 consecutive days without medication.


  • Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every day.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available to members.
  • Older members will be encouraged to participate in the cleaning and wiping down of their personal area. This is in line with our goals of instilling responsibility and accountability in our members.


  • Hands will be washed prior to meal times
  • Members with allergies are asked to fill out the Club’s allergy form; where the allergies are severe, a note is requested from the Doctor as this will permit us to provide alternative meals/snacks


  • At Bijou, as per the school regulations, parents are asked to continue to wait outside during pick up time.
  • At our Clubhouse (mainsite), parents are requested to park and come into reception to request their children. HOWEVER, we are placing a limit of 5 parents at one time in the lobby.  Please wait outside the doors if the lobby is full.
  • Prior to 4:15pm parents MUST park in designated parking spaces in the parking lot and walk to the Clubhouse to collect their child. This will allow buses to drop off safely.  After 4:15pm parents may park in the bus parking to collect their child.


  • The office is staffed from 10am to 6:30pm Monday through Friday. Outside of those hours please leave a voicemail or email.
  • If you need to speak to a member of staff about an incident at Club or your child, phone calls are the preferred method of communication and emails will also be responded to as soon as the staff is available.


  • If your child has auto immunity or is at greater risk to COVID-19 or complications arising from the virus, it is vitally important that you share that information immediately with our administrative staff.
  • If your child has a fever, headache, loss of smell, loss of taste, rash, difficulty breathing, mucus or any other symptom that suggests that they may have COVID-19, flu, stomach flu or any infectious illness, they MUST be kept home until they have been symptom free, without medicinal aid, for 72 hours. We also highly recommend that you call the Barton Hospital Helpline on 530 600 1999.
  • If your child develops fever, headache, loss of smell, loss of taste, rash, difficulty breathing, mucus or any other symptom that suggests that they made have COVID-19, flu, stomach flu or any infectious illness, they will be placed in isolation and you will be requested to pick them up immediately. We then request that you call the Barton Hospital Covid-19 helpline on 530 600 1999 and inform us of the guidance they provide to you.
  • If anyone in your household has a fever, headache, loss of smell, loss of taste, rash, difficulty breathing, mucus or any other symptom that suggests that they may have COVID-19, flu, stomach flu or any infectious illness, please keep your child(ren) at home until they have been symptom free, without medicinal aid, for 72 hours. We also highly recommend that you call the Barton Hospital Helpline on 530 600 1999.
  • If anyone in your household is COVID-19 positive, all members of the household are effectively placed in quarantine and your child(ren) MUST NOT attend the Club until you have been released from quarantine by the Public Health Department.
  • Any member with a fever can not return to Club until they have gone 72 hours with a temperature less than 100F without medicine.
  • If your child’s fever has lasted over 24 hours, we request that you undertake a COVID-19 test and obtain a negative result before returning to Club.
  • If your child comes down with a fever while not at Club, please still inform us immediately so that we may monitor their group and staff, and provide extra sanitization to their room.
  • If a member or staff becomes sick with COVID-19, the Club will inform everyone that may have been exposed and reserved the right to close the Club for a minimum of 72 hours to fully clean, sanitize and monitor for additional cases.
  • If you notice that your child is unwell, PLEASE do not send them to Club, this is for the sake of all the members and our staff.


  • The Club reserves the right to close the Club at any time. Instances that could lead to a closure are: reinstatement of the County stay-at-home order, a spike in COVID-19 cases in the City, a shortage of staff due to illness or the belief that we have an outbreak at the Club.  As the Club is a membership organization and members are not charged according to their attendance, refunds will not be given for any days that the Club is closed.

Affirmative Action Policy


The Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe’s (BGCLT) Statement of Policy and Intent represents our commitment to equal employment and educational opportunity. In conformity with federal and state law and BGCA policy we are guided by the principle that there shall be no difference in the treatment of individuals because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Equal opportunity and access to programs shall be available to all members of the Club.

In the employment of all personnel, BGCLT is obligated to support federal and state policies which seek to achieve equal opportunity in employment for members of underrepresented groups, women, individuals with disabilities, and Vietnam era and disabled veterans. As used in this document, underrepresented groups will include African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, American Indian/Alaskan Native. Three important concepts are embodied in equal employment opportunity:

  1. Nondiscrimination
  2. Affirmative Action
  3. Support for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Affirmative action requires more than employment neutrality. It requires BGCLT to make additional efforts to recruit, employ, retain, and promote qualified women, members of underrepresented groups, individuals with disabilities, and Vietnam era and disabled veterans. The affirmative action concept requires positive action to insure against perpetuation of benign neutrality in employment practices.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Through the policies and programs set forth in the Affirmative Action Plan, BGCLT undertakes to comply fully with all federal, state, and local laws relating to educational opportunity, equal employment opportunity, and affirmative action.

Overall responsibility for implementation of the affirmative action plan is delegated by the Board of Directors to the Executive Director, Club Director and all managers employed at the Club.

Responsibilities include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Overall programmatic responsibility to assure that all employment practices are conducted in a manner which does not discriminate unlawfully.

Overall direction of the Affirmative Action Plan

Maintenance of central personnel and related records in a manner facilitating achievement of the goals of the Affirmative Action Plan. All records should be kept for the current year and three previous years.

BGCLT employment benefits will be formulated and administered without discrimination.

Support for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At BGCLT, we take a stand for the future of America’s children. We condemn any act of racism or discrimination. We stand for safety, health, dignity and equitable opportunity. We advocate for youth and encourage young people to harness the power of their voice. We believe:

  • All young people should be afforded the guarantee of fair treatment, access and opportunity.
  • There are historically marginalized, underserved and underrepresented populations.
  • Systemic racism has a traumatic impact on young people.
  • Our mission compels us to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation and advancement of some groups in this country, particularly Black, Brown, Indigenous and other persons of color.
  • The essential work that is needed to dismantle oppressive and unjust systems is complex and requires intentional and decisive action nationally, locally and within our own organizations.
  • Addressing systemic injustice cannot be accomplished by a single organization.
  • It is only through a collective effort that we can create a future that is equitable and accessible to all.

This Affirmative Action Statement will be treated as a public document and made available to any staff member, Club participant or member of the public who requests to see it.

Download this document here

Background Checks, Reference Checks, and Mandatory Reporting (AB 506)

Policy Statement 

All prospective employees, contractors, teen employees, board members, and regular volunteers must complete fingerprinting and a criminal background check.  Employment and volunteer offers are conditional until the completion and passing of background and reference checks. Background checks are ongoing and conducted annually. 

All current employees, board members, and regular volunteers must complete mandated reporter training in child abuse and neglect. Any employee or regular volunteer who works or interacts with children at the Club is required to report known or suspected child abuse to the proper authorities within 24 hours. All categories of child abuse (physical, neglect, emotional, or sexual misconduct) endanger a child’s health and development, and require attention. Failure to report known or suspected child abuse is a misdemeanor punishable with up to one year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.

Mandatory training must be completed annually. Anyone who files a child abuse report is not required to disclose their identity to the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe. The identity of a reporter may be disclosed only when they waive confidentiality by court order.  

Reason for Policy
Employers may not ask prospective employees about their criminal history during the interview process (California Fair Chance Act 2018).  However, Boys & Girls Clubs of America require completing and passing a background check to secure employment or regular volunteer duties at any Club. In addition, California law (AB 506) requires all youth service organization administrators, employees, and regular volunteers to annually complete fingerprinting, a criminal background check, and mandated reporter training in child abuse and neglect. Prior to any interview or job offer, all job applicants are informed that offers of employment are considered provisional until a clear background check is obtained. 

Frequent background checks and mandated reporter training ensure the safety of employees, volunteers, youth members, members’ families, partners at organizations, and the general public as well as the operation of the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe. It is vital that all staff and volunteers can be trusted to fulfill their duties without concern for the safety of members, or the reputation and legal obligations of the Club.

In addition, all employees and volunteers at the Club serve as role models and mentors to youth members as well as fellow staff members.  Therefore, all employees and volunteers must exhibit the behaviors, morals, and values that we expect from our members.

Who Should Read This Policy
All employees, contracted staff, and volunteers.

Assembly Bill 506 Legislation – – Background Checks (and supporting documents) – Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse – Sample Reference Check Policy 


“Employees” in this description include all paid employees, independent contractors, and teen employees.

“Regular volunteers” include teen or adult volunteers who have direct contact with or supervise children at the Club more than 16 hours in a month or 32 hours in a year. Board members, regardless of their hours with children at the Club, are considered regular volunteers.  

“Short-term volunteers” include volunteers who help at events or volunteer at the Club less than 16 hours in a month or 32 hours in a year.

“Mandated reporter training” or “Mandated reporter training in child abuse and neglect” is a one to two hour training delivered by a member of the Club’s administration team.

A “report” or “child abuse report” is a form called the Suspected Child Abuse Report (Pursuant to Penal Code section 11166) that is filled out by any mandated reporter and submitted to law enforcement. A report can also be completed as a phone call to the local Child Protective Services. 

The Policy
All prospective employees, contractors, teen employees, board members, and regular volunteers must complete fingerprinting and a criminal background check. Employment and volunteer offers are conditional until the completion and passing of background and reference checks. 

After being selected to work or volunteer for the Club, background checks are ongoing and conducted annually using an online background screening service. In addition, all employees, board members, and regular volunteers must also complete mandated reporter training in child abuse and neglect annually.

Background and Reference Checks

New employees and volunteers: Any adult staff member, volunteer, board member, and personnel onsite and in contact with our members (such as contractors providing youth programs or conducting maintenance onsite) are subject to fingerprinting and background checks. A prospective employee, contractor, or volunteer schedules their own Live Scan fingerprinting check with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office or other Club-approved location. Because a Live Scan only captures juvenile offenders who have been tried as an adult, all teen staff must complete a background screening online through a contracted provider. Everyone pays for their portion of the cost upfront and all employees are reimbursed after the first 90 days of employment. 

Background checks by a third party are also conducted to complete the following:

  • Verify the person’s identity and legal aliases through verification of a Social Security number
  • Provide a national Sex Offender Registry search
  • Provide a comprehensive criminal search that includes a federal search
  • Provide a comprehensive local criminal search that includes a statewide and county-level criminal search

Anyone over 18 must complete a Live Scan and have clear results before working unsupervised with anyone at the Club under the age of 18. All results are shared through a secure portal which is only accessible to the Executive Director, Director of Administration, and the Club Director.

If a Live Scan or background check does not come back clear or is flagged, the job or volunteer applicant will be informed that they have been flagged for a criminal misdemeanor or felony and that the provisional offer of employment or volunteering will not move forward. The applicant will be given the opportunity to provide an explanation or additional information. 

The Executive Director, Club Director, and Board Safety Committee will review the charges and determine whether the applicant poses a threat to the members and others at the Club as outlined above in the “Reasons for Policy.” An administration staff member will then inform the applicant whether the provisional offer of employment is moving forward or being rescinded.  If rescinded, the applicant has the right to file a complaint with the California DFEH.

Current employees or volunteers: If an employee or volunteer incurs a criminal charge while they are employed or involved at the Club, they must inform the Club if they are charged or convicted.  The background check system will also alert the Club to any charges made against current or former staff and volunteers. 

When the Club is informed of the criminal charge, the employee or volunteer will be contacted and given the opportunity to provide an explanation or additional information.The Executive Director, Club Director and Board Safety Committee will then consider the charges and determine whether they pose a threat to the members and Club as outlined above in the “Reasons for Policy.” An administration staff member will then inform the applicant whether employment or ties with the Club will continue, continue with corrective action, or be terminated. If terminated, the applicant has the right to file a complaint with the California DFEH.

Ongoing safety: In any circumstance, the Club reserves the right to refuse or remove an employee or volunteer who poses a threat to the safety of staff, volunteers, members, member families, others at partner organizations, and the general public. Possible threats can be in the form of actions, words, or behaviors that threaten the reputation or operations of the Club.  

Employees and volunteers from partner organizations: Staff or volunteers from partner organizations conducting programs or projects with Club members, on or off site, must complete and pass a background screening online at the partner organization’s expense. Partner organizations should include their background check policies in their MOU or agreement with the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe and provide written documentation to confirm their staff or volunteers participating with the Club have a clear background check. 

Special considerations and exceptions: Short-term volunteers who participate in a single event or volunteer at the Club for a short period of time (less than 16 hours within a month or 32 hours within year) do not need to complete a fingerprinting or a background check. However, they must be supervised by a Club staff member at all times if in the presence of a Club member or youth staff member under the age of 18. If a short-term volunteer will work with or teach youth directly, the Club administration staff reserves the right to ask the volunteer to complete a Live Scan or background screening online at the volunteer’s expense.  

Junior volunteers or volunteers under the age of 18 are considered active Club members and do not require any background check.

Workability students from the high school are considered “non-member volunteers” – and must complete and pass a background screening online with a Club approved service. Lake Tahoe Unified School District will be responsible for covering these charges. 

All teen volunteers and staff, paid or unpaid, may not be left alone with any youth members and must be supervised by an adult staff member at all times. This includes teens who have completed and passed their background check.

Reference Checks

Prior to selection, a minimum of two professional reference checks MUST be obtained for any new employee, volunteer, or board member.  If the individual has had a previous connection with a Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Scouts, Guides, or other youth-based organization, it is mandatory to complete a reference check with those organizations, even if that exceeds the minimum of two references.

One question that must be asked at all reference checks is if the individual is eligible for rehire or further involvement with their organization. No questions may be asked related to personal details, such as the person’s race, ethnicity, religion, age, marital status, gender identity or sexual orientation, marital status, parenting responsibilities, or disability status.

If the Club receives a reference check for a staff member, volunteer, or board member currently or previously involved, an appropriate Club employee must respond at the earliest convenience. The person giving the reference should be cautious about sharing any information that may damage the employee, volunteer, or board member’s reputation and puts the Club at risk of a defamation lawsuit. However, if there are concerns about the appropriateness of the individual in a youth or non-profit setting, it is important to state facts and share examples of these concerns.

Mandated Reporter Training

Who must report: It is a crime under the Child Abuse and Negligence Act for certain persons who have special working relationships or contact with a child not to report suspected child abuse to the proper authorities. Legal mandated reporters at the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe include all employees, board members, and regular volunteers who work or interact with children at the Club.

Who may report: If two or more Club employees or volunteers are present in a situation and together become aware of a known or suspected instance of child abuse, they may agree that one of them will make the required telephone and written reports.  If the other mandated reporter learns that the designated individual did not file a report, they must then do so.

What, when and whom to report: If a Club employee, becomes aware of, or observes a child whom they suspect has been a victim of a child abuse, they must report the known or suspected incident(s) by telephone immediately or as soon as possible, or by written report within 24 hours.

Physical injuries and neglect are more easily detectable than less visible injuries resulting from emotional maltreatment or sexual abuse.  All categories of child abuse endanger a child’s health and development, and require attention.

California law defines child abuse as any of the following:

  • A child is physically injured by other than accidental means.
  • A child is subjected to willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment.
  • A child is abused or exploited sexually.
  • A child is neglected by a parent or caretaker who fails to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care, or supervision.

How to file a report: There are two ways for a mandated reporter to file a report. They can fill out the Suspected Child Abuse Report (Pursuant to Penal Code section 11166) form and submit it to law enforcement or call South Lake Tahoe’s Child Protective Services 24-hour response phone at 530-573-3201.

Failure to report: Failure to report child abuse is a misdemeanor punishable with up to one year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.

Confidentiality rights of reporters: No one making a report will be required to disclose their identity to the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe.  The identity of a reporter may be disclosed only when they waive confidentiality, by court order to the agencies listed in CA Penal Code Section 11167(d).  Reports of suspected child abuse and the information contained in such reports may be disclosed only in the limited circumstances set forth in the CA Penal Code 11167.5 (b).

Club Code of Conduct

Club is for every child, but not every child is for Club.
The Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe is a youth club; in general terms we fall under the category of recreation.   Although we focus our activities on enhancement education and academic support, we are more akin to organizations like Little League and the Heavenly Ski School than we are to a licensed childcare or a school.
For example, we do not have a nurse or a therapist as part of our team, and while our staff complete important training such as trauma-informed care, cpr and first aid, and child protection, we do not have the extensive resources or skills that can be offered at schools or therapeutic programs.
Therefore, while we make every effort to accommodate additional needs amongst our members, there are some needs that we are unable to meet.  If your child has additional needs (disability, medical, educational or behavioral) we encourage you to reach out to the Club in advance, explain those needs and work with us to determine if Club is a good fit for your child.
In addition, ALL members and their parents must adhere to and sign our Club Code of Conduct.  Safety is our #1 priority and we need to know that all our members can act safely, and parents be assured that their child is safe,during their time at Club.
To download the document please click here.

Late Start and Early Release Policy

The Club strives to always be there for our members and families, however, safety is our #1 priority and we must always balance the safety of our members and staff against our desire to provide services.  In order to address what might be short-term issues that affect Club operations, we have developed a late start and early release policy.  We hope this policy will allow us to open for at least a partial day when adverse conditions are time limited, or to ensure that members and staff do not remain onsite when it is unsafe.

Late start:

There are many factors that may cause the Club problems with opening on time, these include but are not limited to road closures, unplowed parking lot, electrical outages or staff absences.

When the adverse factor is not anticipated to last all day, such as an unplowed parking lot, the Club reserves the right to call a late start.

The Club may call a late start with up to a four-hour delay.  If the adverse factor is going to exceed four hours, then a full day closure will be called.

The decision regarding a late start will be made by the Administrative Team, including ED, Club Director and Site Coordinator.  Where 3rd parties are involved, such as Police, Fire, Utility Company, LTUSD etc estimated time frames and guidance will be sought before a decision is finalized.

Parents will be notified of the late start via BAND and social media.

If the late start exceeds three hours, parents who have paid a daily fee will be given a credit for the hours missed.

Early Release:

Factors that make it unsafe to continue Club operations include: power outage, flooding or deep snow in the parking lot, insufficient staffing for a 20:1 ratio, onset of heavy snowfall that may prevent members and staff from getting home.

The Club reserves the right to call an early release at any point during Club time when the safety and wellbeing of members and staff are adversely affected.

The decision regarding calling an early release will be made by the ED, Club Director and Site Coordinator.  It is possible that during the afterschool, one site may close while the other remains open (in the case of a power outage for example), in such instance it is not possible to transfer members to the other site as we must keep within our 20:1 staff ratio and do not have sufficient vehicles to transport all members in a timely manner.

Parents will be notified of the early release via BAND and social media.  If possible, phone calls may also be made.

Parents will be expected to pick-up their child within 1 hour of the notification.  Parents unable to get to Club within 1 hour are kindly requested to contact someone on their authorized pick-up list who can pick up their child within the requested timeframe.

Reimbursement will only be given if the early release was called three or more hours before the stated closing time and only the hour missed will be reimbursed.

Download the document here

Policies and Procedures Regarding Visitors to the Club

Visitors are encouraged at the Club and the ED and other staff will regularly tour donors, inspectors and others around the Club.  However, the expectation is that visitors will be chaperoned by a staff at all times unless they are Police/Sherrif/CPS or a CASA worker/social worker/tutor meeting with a specific member with prior approval of parent/guardian.

Social workers/CASA/tutors MUST be added to the member’s authorized pick-up list so that the Club can be reassured that the parent/guardian permits the member to be alone with the visitor unchaperoned.

Visitors must sign-in at front desk and wear a visitor badge.  The exception is visitors who are here in a work capacity who are wearing, and visibly displaying, a work identification badge.  LTUSD maintenance staff are encouraged to check-in at the office so that we know they are on-site.

CASA/social workers/tutors may ONLY meet with the child in their care.  They may not meet with any additional children and should not enter shared spaces.  Private space should be found for them to meet with the member.

Community service workers should only be present prior to the arrival of Club members and must sign in and out of the Club.  Club volunteers and new employees MUST be chaperoned by a member of staff until they have passed their background check.

Family members meeting with a member on-site may be permitted with prior approval from parent guardian, but the visitor is not permitted into public areas of the Club without a staff chaperone and the family member MUST be on the member’s approved pick-up list to ensure that they can be left alone with the member.  In custody issues and other sensitive situations, we strongly encourage that the family utilize the services of parent-to-parent instead of the Club.

Visitors to other organizations based at Al Tahoe, or to watch sports on the fields, are actively discouraged from entering the Club and should use the entrance for the c-wing or stay entirely out of the property.

During public events/fundraisers/group visits etc it is recommended that the event by held in the MPR and access restricted to just that area and the rest room.  If another room is being utilized, then staff should chaperone the guests in areas where there are also members present.

Other visitors, such as Board Members, should be under the direction of the ED or Club Director and chaperoned if entering areas where members are present.

These policies and procedures are designed to protect our members and staff.

Download this document here

Snow Day Policy

The Club will call a snow day when there are 6 inches or more of snow lying at lake level and it is still snowing, or predicted to snow heavily during Club hours.  Or we have an insufficient number of staff to stay in ratio and maintain social distancing.

We will put out notice of a snow day by 6:30am in the morning.  Notices will go out on BAND and Facebook

Download this document here

Video Surveilance Policy

The Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe has a camera surveillance system onsite for the protection of members and staff.

The cameras are situated in all classrooms, the MPR and in the hallways.

The cameras record 24/7.  Members and staff are informed of the cameras.

Membership of the Club or employment at the Club is taken as agreement to be recorded while on-site.  Parents and volunteers also agree to be filmed when they enter the building.

Footage is securely stored on the cloud and is accessible only to admin. team members.

The cameras are used as a surveillance tool and also as an aid in determining the sequence of events for accidents or behavioral issues; especially when accounts differ.

Staff may request to watch footage if there is an issue they are trying to resolve and on occasions footage is used for professional development as a teaching aid.

Footage is NEVER downloaded and is never made personally available to staff or parents.  Law enforcement may request copies of the footage if ever required.

In the case of accidents or incident involving a member, parents may request to review the footage, on-site, with members of the admin. team present.

Footage is kept for 1 week.  Footage that is required for longer is saved separately on the cloud.

Download this document here

Policies on Membership for Foster and Homeless Youth

Membership to the Boys and Girls Club is based on a first come first served basis with the exception of homeless and foster youth.

The Club will provide places for children in foster care or who are homeless (using the McKinney Vento definition) as long as the Club can do so in a safe and responsible manner.  (Numbers must not exceed building capacity as per our fire code and the Club maintains to all degrees possible a 20:1 member to staff ratio).

Members in foster care or who are homeless do not need to provide membership fees, but we do require the fosterparent/guardian/parent to apply to Choices for Children for ‘Bridge Funding’.  The will enable Choices to pay the Club memberships fees.  Bridge Funding is provided by the State and administered by Choices for Children.

The foster parent/guardian/parent MUST complete all BGCLT membership paperwork prior to the child attending the Club.

Existing members who enter fostercare or become homeless will have seamless membership to the Club.  If there are outstanding membership fees, the fosterparent/guardian/parent may apply for Bridge Funding or apply for a BGCLT scholarship.

BGCLT will make every effort to work with the LTUSD McKiney Vento Coordinator, Social Services and the Foster and Kinship program to provide all necessary services to the members while they are at the Club.

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