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The New Year is ringing in changes at the Club

January 1st 2020 brought some major changes in California employment laws and regulations.  Now all management employees earning less than $55,000 a year are to be paid overtime (time and a half) for every minute over 8 hours that they work in a day.  Along with the increase in minimum wage, this is going to have a significant financial impact upon the Club.  We try to maximise staff time for when members are at the Club, and therefore our staff finish work when the Club closes - 6pm at Bijou and 6.30pm at main site.  When parents are late it greatly impacts the staff who have to stay to supervise the member and ensure that they are picked up safely.  And from January 1st, we will also have to pay that staff overtime.

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How to have Happy Holidays

A few weeks ago we posted on Facebook about how tough the holidays can be for children.  The change in schedule, the sugar, being overwhelmed by activities, the SUGAR!  Lots of you liked and shared the post so we thought that you might appreciate a few more tips on how to have a 'happy' holidays. Managing expectations is key - your own as well as [...]

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Holiday Cheer that will Last the Year

At this time of year it is always inspiring to see how our community comes together to support each other.  From school events to toy drives, bags of food at the grocery stores to shoveling your elderly neighbor's driveway - the holiday season inspires us all to be that extra bit kinder to each other.

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The Importance of Giving

Winston Churchill said it best when he quoted "We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give."   I was reminded of this quote recently when a parent told me that along with all the personal requests to Santa, her children are asked to also include a request for someone else.  It can be a physical thing 'please bring my best friend a soccer ball so we can play together' or, as they've got older, a request for a cause or charity that they have become interested in.  She hopes that this early reminder to think of others as well as themselves will teach a lifelong habit of concern for others and charity.

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