Lake Tahoe Unified School District is closing for a staff training day on October 31st. Please take note of the date and prepare in advance to have your children at home that day. We appreciate that this is of great inconvenience to working parents, but due to a number of factors, the Club is unable to open for a one-off day.

Those factors are:

  • Over 50% of our Program Leaders also work for LTUSD and they will be required for training that day.
  • Many of our other program leaders have morning jobs and are unavailable until the afternoon.
  • We now have over 500 members, however, that day we would only have access to the Angel of Tahoe building, which cannot accommodate everyone.

So without sufficient staff, or sufficient space, we are unable to open for just that day.

The same goes for snow days. As they are often called around 6am, the Club does not have sufficient time in which to determine how many and which members can attend. We also firmly believe that if the conditions prevent the schools from opening, then they are likely not suitable for the Club to open either, and we do not wish to risk the safety of our staff or members.

The good news is that the Club does open early every minimum day (of which there are far more this year) and opens an hour early every Wednesday. We are also open every school vacation for full days. The difference in vacations is that the staff we share with LTUSD are available. However, we still only have access to our Angel of Tahoe building and therefore there is a sign-up process that EVERYONE will have to apply through. Spaces will be limited. Please look out for newsletter and social media notifications regarding the sign-up process.

The Club will close prior to the start of summer for cleaning and training; those dates will be known once the last day of school (including any snow days) is officially announced.

Thank you and we look forward to a great school year.