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It’s time to Paaaarrrrrrtay!

It is hard to believe that we only have one and a half weeks of summer left, but thanks to Lisa Maloff, we will once again be ending summer in style. Our end of summer party will be held on Friday the 16th August from 10-4 and all Club members are invited; whole year, summer only and after-school only.   Parents are invited too!  The party is a week earlier this year to avoid conflict with the LTUSD back to school events and any last minute school supply shopping that you have to do.

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Kids can be Kind

As mentioned in previous blogs, here at the Club 2019 has been designated as the ‘year of manners’.  In part to ensure that our members are, as we already know, the best kids in Tahoe but also because we have seen a decrease in empathy, compassion, kindness and general civility in recent years.  There are many reasons to blame for this, but here at the Club we are more interested in how we can turn it around, and bring kindness back into our community. 

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Building Momentum

Only two weeks into the summer and the school year seems like a distant memory.  Although there is still evidence of Sierra House around the building, it is wonderful to have full use of our building again and for staff to be able to park onsite.  Despite the school having packed up and left, there has been much chatter in the community regarding return of Sierra House in the fall.  At the time of writing, the Club understands that the renovation work at the school is progressing well and that the staff and students will be able to return to their own building at the start of the next academic year.

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Summer is Here!

For a while it felt like summer would never arrive but it is finally here and we are ready to start our summer program.  Below is LOTS of useful information that will be helpful to you over the summer and ensure that your child is prepped, ready and dressed for an amazing summer!

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