Summer is here and our members are pumped. We couldn’t be more excited to get this summer season going. This week the Teens have started working on building paddle boards. They are putting their best efforts in to get these paddle boards up and floating. There are numerous clubs that our members can participate in, Paddle board club, Swim Club, BMX club and many others. We action packed activities happening throughout the day. This week the 3, 4 and 5th graders started drama. They are learning how to step out of their comfort zones while testing their boundaries. Sports and Fitness are a big part of an active lifestyle, so to ensure that our members stay active we  offer numerous sports and games like; Foursquare, pickle ball, soccer, basketball and football. Summertime is a fun time, in order to keep their minds fresh and in the school spirit we do 2 hours of Brain Gain daily. Brain Gain is educational and enriching activities that will help members to refresh their math, spelling, science, computer and life skills. We want our members to be successful. We have numerous field trips available and there are still spots open.  We have programs that will suit any child ages 5 to 18 if you are interested in signing your child/children up please contact us at 530-542-0838 or visit the club at 1100 Lyons Avenue. Click the link below to see what field trips we are offering. It has been an eventful start to summer and we look forward to all the fun that is to come.

Summer 2014 Field Trips