Parenting Matters

We know that everyone gets excited about the holiday season, no matter how or what we celebrate. It may be the holiday break from school and work, the opportunity to gather with friends or family, the chance to ski (pray for snow!), etc. There is beauty in the diversity of all unique rituals, roles, and traditions in our community. Along with that, come the common [...]

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Let’s Get Anti-Social For A While

The temperatures and snow are falling but the cases of COVID-19 are rapidly rising in our community. Many felt this was to be expected as the colder weather encouraged people to socialize inside but if our schools, businesses, recreational spaces and non-profits are to remain open then we need to quickly reduce the spread of COVID-19 within our City and region.

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Summer Just Got Two Weeks Longer…

For 86 of our Club members who also happen to be Sierra House students.  For those who have missed the news, unfortunately Sierra House renovations have run over by two weeks and that school will now reopen on Monday 9th September. The Club is very proud to once again be able to step up to the plate and assist our families and community by offering an extended summer to all Sierra House students.  The extended program will run from 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday (excluding Labor Day) and will follow our summer schedule of brain gain, art, games, sports and lots of fun.  At 3:30pm we will transition to our after-school program and Club Members will be able to stay on for an additional 3 hours if they wish.

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Summer Is Here!

Barring any more snowstorms, we are now officially into summer and next Wednesday morning the Club will be opening our doors for our summer program. As anticipated, there has been an extremely high demand for our program and although we wish we could accommodate every child and family, it is just not possible. We take safety and quality very seriously, and therefore limit numbers to what is appropriate for our building and our staffing. However, if you are one of the unlucky ones on our waitlist, our colleagues at Appleseed Daycare will take children up to age 7, and make sure to check back in with us over the summer to see if anything has changed.

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