On Thursday May 12th the LTUSD Board of Education approved a partnership with the Club to deliver the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Grant (ELOP).
The Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant was provided to all School Districts in California and is intended to provide more children with access to after-school care.  Districts who accept their grant are required to provide 9 hours of ‘care’ for students in grades TK-6th.  The 9 hours can be any combination of school and pre or post school programs.
All students in those grades must be informed about the program and for our District it is required that 50% of the TK-6th student population receive the ELOP program over the course of the year by the end of the 2023-24 academic calendar (this could be afterschool, vacation programs or summer camps).
LTUSD has chosen to partner with BGCLT to deliver their after school program and this means big things for our Club and the community.
Our provisional plans are:
To help accommodate more after-school members and the switch to neighborhood school zones, we will open a 3rd Club site at the Meyers Magnet School (details yet to be discussed with the school) in the fall of 2022.
For this coming summer we will increase partnerships with other non-profits and educational organizations to provide additional summer programs and opportunities.
We will increase program leader salaries to attract and retain more staff so that we can serve more children.
Club fees will be WAIVED for those who qualify for free and reduced meals, those in foster care and our homeless.
We will also introduce a sliding scale of fees for all other families.  The majority of families will see a decrease in their membership fees.
Our ability to deliver on the grant and retain the funding to provide more places and lower costs is 100% RELIANT on getting the staff we need to serve over 600 children a year.
PLEASE spread the word and encourage anyone over the age of 18 who has a passion for education and helping kids to apply.
More information will be forthcoming as we work through the grant requirements.  We will appreciate your patience and support as this is a big task for a currently short-staffed team to take-on, but we are VERY excited for the opportunities this will bring for our members and the community.
A huge thank you to LTUSD, and particularly Dr Reeder for his support, and we can’t wait to serve more kids and help more families.