If every household in the South Lake Tahoe community donated $25.26 to our Club each year, we would be fully funded to continue providing educational and fun programs for the youth in our community. During this season of giving, we are asking our families and the community to help us reach our goal.

Our membership cost is only $100 per year, which equates to just $0.50 per day or less than $0.15 per hour for a member to participate in all that we have to offer. With each member costing the Club an average of $8 per day, we need the community’s help to close the funding gap and keep our doors open! $25.26 per year is less than 1 cup of coffee per month.

To be a part of Club 25.26 today, all you need to do is follow 3 simple steps:
1. Make the commitment to help support the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe by doing your part and choose a membership*!
2. Now that you have chosen a membership or sponsorship, it’s time to sign-up here!
3. Check back with Boys & Girls Club through their social media pages or contacting a staff member to see what the Club is doing with your generous donation!

As a member of Club $25.26, you can know that kids of South Lake Tahoe have a fun, safe, and exciting place to go after school and during school breaks where they are loved and enjoyed for being a kid! We want to keep every child out of the cold and off the streets for parents to be able to finish their day with ease, knowing their kids are having fun!