A huge thank you to all our families, friends, Board Members, volunteers and local supporters who promoted Measure P with a sign on their lawn and a yes on their ballot. The Measure passed with 50 votes* and paves the way for a brand new Recreation Center, funding for other recreational projects such as Regan Beach and bike paths, and takes the Club a step further in our goal of owning our own home.

Proposition 51 also passed and that will give LTUSD app. $1.4 million in funding for buildings and maintenance. Quite rightly the School District will not be making any major changes to the Al Tahoe building until their funding is secured; and Dr Tarwater has been incredibly supportive of the Club, assuring us that he will do all he can do to provide space for the Club until we have a new home to go to.

So where will that home be? Partnering with the Rec. Center is a fantastic opportunity, but the Rec. Center will be a building for the whole community, and to insure integrity for both organizations the Club firmly believes that we need an adjacent building of our own. The situation is ideal, as our ability to use the Rec. Center at peak hours means that we can build a smaller Club house, one that will be easier to fund and maintain. We also hope that we can mirror the architecture and design of the Rec. Center to have two complementing buildings, that are not only functional but also beautiful.

With the Boys and Girls Club, the Rec. Center, the Ice Rink, the Library and the Senior Citizens Center all in the same area, we will have the start of a true ‘community hub’. That hand in hand with the improvements to Harrison Avenue and Lakeview Commons, can become a focus point for South Lake Tahoe.

We are looking at two plots of land and have the backing of Major Wendy David, Councilman Austin Sass and County Supervisor Sue Novasel. Both Wendy and Sue have previously sat on our Board and their commitment to enhancing our community is unparalleled. With their support we are confident that we can make the dream of our own home a reality.

*According to the data released on the 8th November. Data with additional ballot counts has not been released yet.