As well as the year of pandemics, wildfires and crazy house prices, 2020 has also been the year of ‘phases’.   First it was the phases of the pandemic (FYI technically we are still in phase 1), then it was the phases or reopening the State and now we are wrapping our heads around the Lake Tahoe Unified School District Phases.

We have received so many questions from parents and the public about the phases that we thought it would be useful to provide a breakdown here:

Currently we are in Phase 1.  Phase 1 means distanced learning for all schools and all age groups.  The only students receiving any in-person teaching right now are our additional needs students who are receiving limited in-person support.

Phase 2 – and here is where it gets tricky so we are going to break it down.

Elementary schools will start the Phase 2 hybrid model on October 12th.  Each student is being assigned to a cohort – either A or B, and that cohort number dictates what day they can go to school.  A cohort will go on Monday and Tuesday and Bs will go Thursday and Friday.  All students will be distanced learning on Wednesday.

The school day is also shorter – just 4 hours, so students will finish their day around lunchtime.  Start and end times for each school will still be staggered due to bussing.

This 6 week of phase 2 will last until at least the Thanksgiving Break.

For middle and high school the start of phase 2 has been delayed.

The middle school will start their hybrid learning on November 2nd (so they will stay in phase 1 until that time).  High School lab sessions will also start on the 2nd, but there won’t be a full start of the High School phase 2 until November 30th – after Thanksgiving Break.

The District is going to stay on a 6-week cycle for decision making.  So we will find out around the 9th November what the Elementary Schools will be doing after the Thanksgiving Break.

So what does this mean at the Club?

Well it means that we too will start transitioning on October 12th.

For elementary ages, we are going to offer an ‘extended day’ program at the Rec Center for the days our members are in school, and a full day program on the days they are not.  The exception is Wednesdays.  We cannot physically fit both A and B cohorts into the Club on the same day and keep our ratios and social distancing requirements.  So we will close that day.

For middle and high school students, we will keep offering a full day program, five days a week, until November 2nd.  Plans for after that date will be available once we know what phase 2 will look like for those age groups.

For phase 2 we have asked all our currently enrolled members (those with us for the summer and phase 1) if they want to be a part of our phase 2 program, and if yes, what their cohort is.  Once we have all that information, we will see in which grades and cohorts we have openings, and will make those spaces available for new enrollees.  We expect to facilitate new enrollments the week of October 12th (or earlier if possible) and will pro rate any missed days in phase 2.

If you have questions, please email or call 530 318 4779.