We are now three days into the new school year and either you kid is now a zoom genius or you are still struggling to get your 5 year old to look at the screen (mine doesn’t understand that his teacher can’t still see him when he goes off for a wander around the room!).
It is all very quiet here at the Club after the busyness of summer and there is a strong smell of bleach as the staff are deep cleaning each room and setting up tables and chairs for the start of the Fall Program next week.
For those of you still looking for a program for your child, Appleseeds Academy (also in the Al Tahoe building) can take children up to the age of 12 and they do still have places available.  They can be contacted at Apple Seeds Academy.  Step by Step also has a program for school aged children and they can be found at Step By Step Tahoe.
LTUSD has resumed their distribution of FREE lunches at bus stops and schools around South Lake and Meyers.  A schedule for the stops can be found HERE.
Bread and Broth 4 Kids will be adding weekend bags to the route on Fridays.  Other food assistance can be found at Christmas Cheer and Bread and Broth.
For those of you juggling work and school from home; here are a few tips and tricks to help you get through it.
1. Set up a dedicated school area that is separate from your work area, and where the child relaxes.  You may have to get creative but it is good for your child’s mental health and their productivity to have some separation between work and play areas – even if it means that your kids swap bedrooms with you to do school work!
2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Your teacher, the school, the District and the Club all want to help this be a successful time for your child and we are all here to help and support you.  Whether it is how to long on or understanding the common core, you are NOT ALONE.
3. Stick to the schedule and require your child to attend their online classes; but if they are in their PJs and haven’t yet brushed their teeth – that’s ok!
4. Once you have your child’s schedule, work with your manager to match your work schedule.  So you can be on a zoom when they are and you can take a break to make lunch when they are also at recess.  Most class days are finishing at 2pm, so think ahead and provide relaxation time or perhaps arrange an afternoon play date so that you can continue to work.
5. Go easy on yourself and your child.  This is hard for everyone and it will not be ideal, but learning and work can still be achieved.  Make sure that you have a friend or two in the same position that you can vent to (away from small ears) and be a support for each other.  When you want to cry – find something to laugh about.
6. And remember, this won’t last forever!
Good luck and make sure you sign up for our BAND communication service to ensure you are the first to hear about enrollment opportunities when we move into phases 2 and 3.