Back to School

The 2014-15 school year is starting up on Monday. Our members are eager and ready to get back to school....(well most of them anyways) It has been an eventful summer and we have fully enjoyed every last minute of it. Just in case your brains aren't quite back onto the swing of things here are some important dates for you to remember.... on September 4 all [...]

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Going Out With A Bang

Summer is coming to an end and the school year is closely following. Our members have had an eventful summer. Here is a recap of some of the wonderful programs, field trips, and activities that took place this summer. Our Teen members participated in a Paddle Board build that allowed 11 members to build 3 paddle boards completely from scratch. During the course of 2 [...]

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Meet the Staff

Programs are kicking off at The Boys and Girls Clubs of Lake Tahoe. The staff has been working hard to come up with fun and educational programs to keep the members of all ages interested and engaged. Meet the staff of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lake Tahoe. Elizabeth Ruiz is in charge of the Front desk at Al Tahoe. She is in charge [...]

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