May 3rd is the annual ‘Big Day of Giving’ when individuals and businesses in the Sacramento region donate to local not for profits and have that money match funded. The Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe is one of over 200 not for profits that participate in the event and a donation of just a dollar will go a long way towards keeping the Club open.

Many people have the misconception that just because the Boys and Girls Club of America is a national organization, that local Clubs receive lots of national funding. Indeed the opposite is true. Every Boys and Girls Club is responsible for raising all their own funding and we pay dues to the national organization for use of the brand and also the support and training that they provide. We are proud to be a part of the Boys and Girls Club but all of our financial support comes from local organizations, families and individuals, which is why the Big Day of Giving and other fundraisers are so essential to the survival of the Club.

We also regularly hear that we should charge more for membership. An average member pays less than 20 cents/hour to be at the Club despite it costing us nearly $3/hour to serve them. However, it is our belief that the Club should be as low cost as possible, ensuring that all families can participate and enabling families to spend their hard earned wages on housing, food and essential supplies instead. Furthermore, there are few places you can go in life where everyone pays the same and gets equal treatment. Teaching our children that they are all equal and can all achieve their full potential is a central tenant of the Club and why we prefer not to charge full costs.

Therefore, to ensure that the Club continues to exist, and continues to have qualified staff and quality programs, we have to fundraise and appreciate it when those who can give to the Club do so.

So please, reach into your pocket on May 3rd and pledge to the Club what you can. Corporate sponsors will match you funding and ensure that your dollar goes even further.

For other ways to donate to the Club please visit