As many of you will be aware, our City Recreation Center is in need of repair.  In line with the desires of South Lake to be a ‘recreation destination,’ the City hopes to rebuild the Rec. Center and make it both a better service for our community and also a facility that will attract visiting competitors and tournaments.
As part of the new vision for the Rec. Center there is an opportunity for the Boys and Girls Club to relocate to that new building and to enter into a partnership with the City to provide additional services and opportunities for our members and the community.

We are very excited about this for many reasons:

    • As our population is growing LTUSD hopes and needs to turn Al Tahoe back into a school and therefore we will eventually need to find a new home
    • The Rec. Center will be a new building, better designed for the needs of an after-school program, and will feel less like a school and more like a Club
    • We’ll have access to better sports and recreation facilities and will be able to expand the activities we offer our members
    • It will be a larger building, with larger rooms and a more diverse space – a facility that our members can be proud of
    • It is still in a convenient location for the school bus route, the bike paths and walking routes, and for local businesses and amenities – as well as most importantly our families!

Last Thursday we saw the initial designs for the new building and they are wonderful.  Exactly what our community needs, with an interactive and multi-use space for all age groups.  We are excited to move forward in the planning stages and work with the designers to ensure that safety and security, and the programs needs of our members, are central in the final design.

So what can you do to help us?  The City plans to pay for the rebuild and upkeep with a 2% increase in TOURIST OCCUPANCY TAX (what visitors pay for hotel rooms, vacation rentals etc) – you can ensure that the new Rec. Center happens by voting for the TOT increase on the November ballot and also by talking to your friends and family about the need for the Club to find a new home and how the new Rec. Center would be the perfect location.  The more support we have from the community the more likely it is to happen.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Jude Wood at