For those of you familiar with the Club, you will know that we think that our members are awesome.  So awesome that we make them chant ‘we are awesome’ at all our Club meetings.
AWESOME is our Club mantra and stands for the values and principles that we expect from members, staff and which the Club operates by.

AWESOME stands for:

Accountable for my actions
Welcoming to all
Everyone is valued
Safe and supportive
Open and honest
Make smart choices
Excited for fun

At the beginning of 2020 we launched a new fundraising initiative called Team AWESOME as we wanted to bring our donors and supporters closer to our values  and our kids.

Since then, things have changed significantly in the world and here at Lake Tahoe. We believe that the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe is now more crucial than ever, providing ALL children in the community with hot meals, virtual programs and emotional support during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are critically aware that when the pandemic is over our families will urgently need to return to work and our kids will need to be back in a structured educational and social environment ASAP.  To ensure that ANY child can join the Club, we are dedicating all 2020 Team AWESOME donations to Club scholarships and services to families severely affected during this time.

As you know, there’s no I in team. We invite you to join Team AWESOME, so together we can ensure that our kids can continue to be AWESOME once the crisis is over.

No donation is too small. We’re grateful for your help!  Please visit our Team AWESOME page!

And thank you to ALL our donors who have provided in-kind and financial support over the past month.  You are all AWESOME and SO appreciated.
Ceasar’s Entertainment, 10 Crows BBQ, Cali Burger, Vail Resorts, Cork N’ More, Hard Rock Cafe, Lakeside Inn and Casino, Brother’s Bar, the Gomez Family, the Ledbetter Family, STMS PTA, H&H Bagels, the Coca-Cola Foundation, US Bank, Larry Hillblom Foundation, Valerie and Jerry Rudd and many many incredibly generous individuals.  Thank you!