The Club is all about brave and bold new steps these days.  Last year it was our supper program, in a couple of years it will be a brand new building, and today it is switching our Golf Classic silent auction to being ONLINE!
Now admittedly we are far from the first in Tahoe to make the switch from paper to a website, but our hope is that it will enable us to significantly grow our fundraising from the Silent Auction.  While the Club has been so fortunate to receive Lisa Maloff’s incredible donation, every cent that she gave us is 100% for our new building, and the same goes for many of the other grants we receive.  They are restricted to a particular activity or event.  That means that fundraising for unrestricted funds is vital to our ability to keep our memberships fees low and our doors open.  Indeed, just to cover our operating expenses we need to raise $1000 EVERY DAY that the Club is open.
The great thing about our auction being online is that anyone, anywhere, can bid.  You don’t have to be at the event, you don’t even have to have a connection to the Club.  All the matters is that you can get an amazing experience, vacation, day trip, for a fraction of its real value and know that you are doing good by enjoying yourself.
So please, share the link to our auction far and wide.  Send it to everyone in your email address book, share it with everyone on Facebook.  Even if you can’t bid on anything yourself, sharing it with others will enable them to bid – and if you are lucky – they might just take you with them on that fabulous vacation in Hawaii!
Thank you for helping YOUR Club!