Tahoe is amazing.  But when outsiders talk about why Tahoe is amazing, they talk about our lake, our mountains, our forests, etc  But when locals talk about why Tahoe is amazing, they are also talking about our community.


South Lake Tahoe is a small City with a big heart.  The fact that we are often outnumbered by tourists, really helps to cement the bonds between those of us who call this magical place home, and that feeling has never been stronger than in the past year.


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the State still on lockdown, we launched our Team AWESOME campaign to help pay for Club scholarships and the free supper program that we were running.  The response was incredible.


In one year, donations to the Club tripled through Team AWESOME, and we were able to give out over $10,000 in scholarships to working families to help them through the pandemic.  We have provided scholarships to any family in need, and with the schools being in remote learning for the majority of the year, that need was great.  Through the supper program we also gave out 7000 free meals and have continued to provide meals and snacks to our members throughout the school year (zoom apparently makes kids REALLY hungry!).


Donations have come in large and small amounts, and from across the community.  Incredible individuals like Iain Sievwright from MacDuffs Pub not only donated money but also donated food, providing 14 families with a Thanksgiving dinner to remember.  It is people like Iain, and all our donors, who make our community just as special as our lake and mountains.  And our hope is to instill those same values into our members, so that in ten, twenty, thirty years, they are the ones contributing in such a positive way to the community.


If you have not yet joined, renewed your Team AWESOME pledge for this year, you can easily sign up at Team Awesome – Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe (bgclt.org).  Donations over $25 qualify for our incredible Team AWESOME socks and donors making frequent gifts will also receive additional gifts.


Thank you for the contribution you make to our community and for providing our members with the help they need to become as AWESOME as you are.