Well, what can we say?  “Nice knowing you but don’t come back again”?
I think we can all agree that the 2020-21 academic year was a doozy and all fingers and toes are crossed that we will be returning to something closer to normality in the fall.


However, while the year was one of constant change, confusion and frustration, we like to look on the positive side here at Club, and these will be our happy memories from 20/21.


Being with our members all day!
Although social distancing regulations limited our membership this past year, one joy of COVID was we got to know the kids at Club really really well.  And we got to see a new side of them – the student side!  We now know who are our math geniuses, who’d rather play than do school work (EVERYONE!), we got to hear our TWI members speak in Spanish all the time and learned all about our members’ families and lives.  We’ve always considered Club to be a family, but now we are a really close-knit one!


The really cool programs and projects we got to do.
Another advantage of having the kids all day or the majority, and in smaller groups, was we got to do some really cool projects and programs.  The door decorating competition at Christmas was incredible.  The fort building in Troll Hill has definitely ignited future careers as architects and engineers and throughout the year the kids have engaged in fun projects with staff and peers.


Our very own k-pop band.
And the most fun had to be the second grade k-pop band.  Five boys, all from different schools, formed a dance group and before long another member was their manager and the rest of the grade held various support roles.  Practice was intense and culminated in a performance for the whole Club.  It was amazing and definitely made our winter so much fun.


The support we have received from our families and the community.
They say it takes a village to raise a child and this year proved that and more.  We are incredibly grateful to our families who have abided by our regulations and restrictions, who have been patient while we reacted to changes at the schools, and who have throughout the year been understanding and supportive.  We are also so grateful to the many community members who have helped support our families.  Team AWESOME donors paid for our scholarships, Barton doned food vouchers, the Realtors Association gave Christmas gifts.  So many people came together to make this year just that little bit better for everyone.  Thank you.


And now as this school year ends we look to the summer.  Social distancing is still in place but we are taking on additional members this summer and planning on being even further towards ‘normal’ this fall.  Normal is better.  It is better for our kids to be in school and not on zoom, and it is better for us to be able to help more families.  But as the pandemic starts to be part of the past and hopefully not the future, there are some memories from this incredibly difficult year that we will cherish forever.