Snack Bar

Our snack bar is open every Friday.

We offer a range of traditional snacks and drinks (e.g., chips, Izzy drinks, chocolate bars, smoothies) that are available for purchase by members.

The snack bar is part of our Teen Enterprise Program, giving our teens their first experience of commerce and customer service. The profit collected supports projects around the Club.

Snack bar vouchers are recommended up to 2nd grade, as cash often gets lost or misplaced by younger members. Vouchers can be purchased at the front desk for either $1, $3 or $5.

Older members are welcome to bring cash as long as they can be responsible for it.  The Club will not reimburse cash lost by a child at Club; therefore, small cash denominations are recommended.

Parents should also establish with their child a year-round spending amount and if there are any types of snacks that are not permitted.  This is not something that the Club can police.