Yes we did!  Thought with the amount of snow we have right now it might be more akin to mud camping.  But we have all our fingers and toes crossed that by President’s week the snow gods will have delivered another foot of the white stuff for our snowshoeing and camping program.

Our President’s week snowshoeing program is being run in partnership with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association.  Over the past 3 years the TRTA have become amazing partners for the Club.  In addition to our summer teen backpacking trip, last year we started our snowshoe program and our Junior Trail Builders program.  This year we are expanding the show shoeing program to include an overnight snow camp.  Open to grades 6 and up, the camping experience will be adjacent to the Club, providing a soft intro to camping in the winter.

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Along with Maggie from the TRTA, the teens will be accompanied by former Teen Leader Kristian Peterson, an avid outdoorsman, and also our Program Director Ashley Hall who leads every camping trip for the Club.  In addition to the excitement of overnight camping, the teens will also be educated in Leave No Trace, the extra precautions needed when camping in the winter, and even make their dinner and breakfast using the Club’s camping stoves.

Engaging in adventure activities has many positive effects upon children and teens.  Resilience is built through experiencing challenging activities and experiences.  While camping may seem relatively tame, to a 12 year old it can be a large step outside of their comfort zone.  Sleeping outside, in the dark and the cold, away from Mom and their regular comforts – it can be a real challenge!  The following morning they will know that they can accept challenges and achieve them.

Self-reliance is another skill that they will be practicing.  Cooking their own dinner, putting up their own shelter etc teaches young people that they can be responsible for themselves and their own success.  And finally, it is through shared adventures that some of the best friendships are formed.  There is no TV, no iPads, when you are out camping, and the teens will be working together and sharing their experiences.  There is no better place for social and emotional growth, and we are excited to offer this opportunity and to help our teens grow and experience new activities.

For further information on how to sign up your child (grade 6 and above) for the overnight camping contact Ashley at 530 542 0838 or email