Is Winter Coming?

/Is Winter Coming?

Is Winter Coming?

Winter definitely hasn’t yet come to South Lake Tahoe, but with three storms in the forecast for this week we are hopeful, and thought this would be a great time to remind you of our winter protocols.

1. Snow Days.

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If the school district calls a snow day then the Club will also be closed. We appreciate this is inconvenient for you but the vast majority of our staff only work part-time and we would not be able to provide adequate coverage at short notice. We also firmly believe that if conditions are bad we should not be asking our staff to travel to work and should not be causing extra vehicles on the roads.

If it is a vacation day we will do our very best to stay open. But it is the District who plows our parking lot and if the snow is too deep we will be forced to close. We will notify parents via Facebook and Remind. If you haven’t yet liked our Facebook page or signed up for Remind, now is a good time to do so!

2. Winter clothing.

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PLEASE ensure that your child is dressed appropriately in winter weather. Children and teens without snow pants, jacket, boots, gloves and hats will not be permitted to play outside. We also highly recommend layered clothing at this time of year, so the kids can add warmth or cool down as necessary. We also recommend waterproof gloves as hands go into the snow and a spare pair of socks in their bag. Because even with snow boots, kids are adept at getting their socks wet.

3. Drive and walk carefully in our parking lot.

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As many of you are already aware, our parking lot can be very slippy in snow or ice, and large puddles can collect. Please drive slowly and take caution when walking to and from your vehicle.

Providing we get the promised snow, we have lots of fun winter activities planned. During President’s week we will be teaming up with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association to do snow shoeing activities and even an over-night adventure! Then in April we will be partnering with SOS Outreach to do two learn to ski/ride days at Kirkwood. We will advertise sign-ups for both activities closer to the vacations.

And just a quick reminder that head lice thrive in the winter due to kids sharing wooly hats or piling jackets on top of each other at both school and at Club. PLEASE check your child’s hair regularly and you may even wish to purchase a spray to periodically treat their jackets, hats and bags.

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