We have now reached the half-way point of our summer and understandably many parents want to know what the Club is planning for the school year.


Unfortunately we still have a few ducks that still need to get in a row.


The main one is that we are waiting on confirmation that we can re-open our Bijou site at the end of August.  Our understanding is that our California schools are planning to reopen as usual, following the CA State mandated safety protocols of 3ft social distancing and masks.  Assuming that we too are expected to follow the same guidance for the afterschool program, we hope to be able to accommodate a minimum of 60 children in the Bijou MPR.


The amendment to our 2021-22 facility use agreement with Lake Tahoe Unified is set to be adopted at an August Board Meeting, and so we are taking the rest of July to start lining up our other ducks.


Firstly, we are asking all currently enrolled Bijou students whether they plan to use Bijou or our main site as their afterschool location.  Once we know those numbers we will be able to determine how many extra spaces we have in each grade at Main Site and Bijou.


Unfortunately this all takes time and so parents interested in joining the afterschool program will have to wait until the beginning of August before they will know if we have space for them.


The Club is working on the assumption that all currently enrolled members will be staying with us for the after-school unless their parents have already expressed that they will not be in Tahoe next school year.  As the majority of our current members have been with us since the 2020 summer, they will continue to be given priority for places into the school year.


Please continue to monitor this website and our social media pages for the latest information relating to enrollment and the school year.