Since its start in 2017, Tahoe Brewfest has been all about community.  Deb Brown of Cold Water Brewery and Grill had a vision for our Brewfest that would set it apart from others: it would celebrate community in addition to great beer. That was one of the principal reasons that Deb chose to make the local Boys and Girls Club the non-profit beneficiary of the event, and why the Brewfest partners with local businesses and hotels. Tahoe Brewfest is a celebration of everything that makes this community special and we love to share that with locals and visitors alike.

That is why we have chosen this year to partner with the Friends of Ski Run to be our Tahoe Brewfest hosts.  The Friends of Ski Run have a motto that they ‘came for the outdoors and stayed for the community’.  So many in our town can say the same, and that is exactly the energy we want for the Tahoe Brewfest – ‘come for the beers and stay for the unique SLT vibes’.

Ski Run is situated in the heart of South Lake Tahoe and heart is what it is all about.  In addition to Brewfest, the Ski Run hosts a weekly farmer’s market in the summer, the ‘longest dinner table’ event for community members, and recently raised funds to put in a park for neighborhood kids to enjoy.  They throw their hearts into making our community better, just like Deb did when she started Tahoe Brewfest.
Our new partnership will put Tahoe Brewfest at the very heart of the South Shore, and with our continued support of the Boys and Girls Club, and now the Friends of Ski Run, your beer is going to taste even better knowing that you are part of our amazing community.
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