This school year will bring us a lot of change.

A number of significant changes to the structure and operation of the Lake Tahoe Unified School District will go into effect at the start of this school year. The Club has been busy working on our response to those changes.

Change #1

The first major change is school opening times. The middle and high school will now be starting later in the day and elementary schools earlier.  As a result, the Club will now be opening an hour earlier for our after school program and our Bijou site will be closing at 5:30pm.

Change #2

The second major change is the move to neighborhood schools with distinct catchment areas of each elementary school.  Only Bijou, with the Two-Way Immersion Program, will remain a lottery for enrollment, with all other elementary schools serving those residing in their catchment area.  This means that with the exception of a ‘loop bus’ there will no longer be buses to each school from each neighborhood.
In answer to this, the Club is opening a third Club site at the Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School (Meyers).  The after school program will run from the end of school to 5:30pm and serve students at the school.
With our Bijou site already serving Bijou students, this means that the new Angel of Tahoe building will primarily serve Tahoe Valley, Sierra House, STMS and STHS for the after school. The Angel of Tahoe building will remain open until 6:30pm.

Change #3

The final major change is the inclusion of a TK program at Bijou Elementary.  Already the Club offers a TK afternoon program for Tahoe Valley students and now will be doing the same for Bijou. The difference is that our Bijou TK afternoon program will be held at the school, providing us with additional space to accommodate more members.
So a new site, a longer after-school program, and another TK afternoon program will make for a busy fall!  The success of all three changes and our ability to take on lots of members will depend upon additional staff. Please spread the word that we are looking for staff across all our programs.
Applications for the after school program will continue until August 1st and successful applicants will be notified by August 12th.

Any questions regarding the changes and the school year can be directed to Jude or Cristina on 530.542.0838.