It may feel like winter just started but we are only 3 months away from the summer vacation.  As in prior years we have opened registrations in March to enable families to make plans, spread payments, and to ensure that we have enough time to process everyone and be ready for when summer hits.

Enrollments are happening every Tuesday and Thursday 5-6pm at our Main Site (1100 Lyon’s Avenue).  If you can not make that timeframe, please call Amber on 530-542-0838 to make an appointment at a time convenient to you.

Available Memberships:

  • Whole Year (includes summer, after-school and vacations) = $700
  • Teen Whole Year (grades 6 and up) = $350
  • Summer Only = $650
  • After-school Only (does NOT include any vacations) = $100

We also have 5 day and 10 day punch cards available and will also offer a limited number of daily drop-ins for $25/day.

This year we do require a $100 deposit (per child) for Whole Year and Summer-Only Memberships and $20 deposit for the After-School Only Membership.

Places will only be confirmed once ALL paperwork has been turned in and the deposit made.

Scholarships are available, for which we require all paperwork showing income and expenditure within the last month.  However, as we do not give 100% scholarships, a deposit will be still be required to secure a place while we determine the scholarship amount.

We are very proud that this is the THIRD year without an increase in membership fees.  While the costs of the Club are ever increasing, our Board felt that it was important that we continue to keep expenses for our families as low as possible.  However, if you do appreciate the value and could pay more – we are always accepting donations!

Camp and field trip sign-ups will happen in May.  The delay is because many of the places we visit, other camps etc, do not yet have their summer schedules available and we have to wait to confirm bookings.  We will send out a remind notification and put up a Facebook post as soon as all activities are confirmed.

Finally, our biggest groups will be K through 4th and we only have a limited number of places in our Pre-K group.  So if you child falls into one of those grades, please do not delay signing up or you risk missing out.