If you are, then there is a good chance that it’s at the Boys and Girls Club.  With Sierra House in residence, our Lost Property Box has reached epic proportions.  We have jackets, snow pants, water bottles, lunchboxes, chrome book covers (which I think LTUSD will want back!) and an assortment of bizarrely weird items.  Some of it is named, a lot of it is not, but we recommend that all parents comes and take a look as you may not even know that you are missing something!
All items have been on display this week and will continue to be out for inspection next week (enabling Sierra House parents to also take a look).  Then on Monday May 22nd we will be donated ALL items to the Attic.  We chose the Attic because it supports Barton Hospital and Foundation, who in turn help and support the Club.  Indeed, this week we were able to host a specialist sports and leadership camp thanks to a grant from the Barton Foundation.  Participants improved their team work, empathy, communication and leadership skills from five full days of camp, and this year we will be continuing the program for an extra week during the after-school time frame.
And, if you happen to have any outgrown or unused diapers at home.  Choices for Children will soon be starting their diaper drive.  The diapers you donate go to low-income families with infants and toddlers here in South Lake.  Diapers can be extremely expensive and can not be purchased with food stamps.  Therefore, the Choices campaign is vital in helping our local families and keeping baby bottoms dry and healthy.  A drop off box will be stationed at the main site front desk area and please donate if you can.