Our families and our staff spoke and the Club listened! Instead of having to be at the opening night of Club membership sign-ups and stand in line with 100s of other parents praying that you all get a spot, this year the sign-up process is going to be individualized, smoother, easier and for new members, will ensure that the Club is the right fit for you and your child.

So what’s new?

Firstly we are no longer having sign-ups nights.
For returning members, families can book an appointment with Amber where they can come and fill out the paperwork and pay for/make a payment towards their membership. No more long lines or inconvenient times. Using the 10-8 app you can view Amber’s free appointment slots and book a time convenient to you. The link to the 10-8 app is https://qhcokcbhqekvkvgrbt.10to8.com/ or you can go old school and email Amber at admin@bgclt.org

Secondly we are implementing a compulsory orientation night now new members.
We received feedback from parents that they knew very little about the Club and our programs before signing their kids up and that sign-ups nights were so busy they didn’t feel they had the opportunity to ask all their burning questions. So to make sure that Club is right for every child, and that every child is right for the Club, we are implementing new member orientation nights. Led by our Program Team, the orientation will provide important information about the Club, how we structure Club activities, how programs are run and Club expectations, which include the behaviors and rules that we expect all members (and parents!) to adhere to. If you child is very young, TK or K grade, we will also help you to determine whether they are ready for the Club environment.

Once you have completed orientation, and determined which Club membership you want (full year, summer only or after-school only) you will then be able to book an appointment with Amber to complete your paperwork and become a part of our Club family.

Appointments will start on Tuesday 10th March

Orientations will be held on the following dates:

Al Tahoe/Mainsite – 4.30-5.30PM
Tuesday 3rd March – ELEMENTARY ONLY
Thursday 5th March – TEEN/ELEMENTARY
Tuesday 24th March – ELEMENTARY ONLY
Thursday 26th March – TEEN/ELEMENTARY

Bijou – 4.30-5.30pm
Wednesday 4th March
Wednesday 25th March

When completing paperwork, a minimum of $100 per child must be paid for whole year and summer only members and $20 per child for after-school only members.
Punchcards must be paid in full at time of purchase.
Renewing members can only sign-up if their balance from the current year is at $0. Outstanding payments will have to be made before a renewal is accepted.
Payment plans are available for summer and whole year members but must be paid in full by Friday July 31st 2020.

The deadline to sign-up for summer and whole year is Thursday June 11th and for after-school only members the deadline is Friday August 21st.

Notifications – Amber will be providing updates and additional information on BAND and Facebook. We REALLY recommend that you closely follow one if not both to ensure that you don’t miss out.

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Amber on 530 542 0838 or admin@bgclt.org