Yes, Halloween is here and now that you’ve spent a small fortune on a costume (seriously an old sheet with cut out holes for eyes was good enough for us!), your paycheck on candy,  and started to google Thursday’s temps every other hour – you are finally ready to hit the streets and scare some ghosts away.

Here are a few tips for ensuring that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween:

– children under 12 should always be accompanied by an adult – even if they stay a cool distance away
– make sure your child knows their full name, your name and cell number in case they get lost
– aim for brighter costume.  All black is hard to see after the sun goes down; so if they insist on being a ninja attach a glow stick or reflective tape to the costume to ensure they are seen
– our streets are poorly lit; always carry a flashlight
– walk facing the traffic
– for children over 12 insist that they go in a group, to an agreed area and have a pre-arranged pick up place and time
– only go to homes with lights on
– only permit treats, NEVER tricks
– encourage your child to save the candy for home; walking and eating can be hazardous
– once home an adult should check the candy.  Anything homemade should be thrown away unless you know the person who made it (you just never know)
– once checked it is best to ration the candy to avoid complete sugar overload and meltdowns.  You might also wish to donate a portion of what your child collected to a local charity or exchange it with your child for money/toy/treat.  This is better for teeth, health and your sanity.


This year the Club will once again be at the ‘Trick and Retreat’ at the Tahoe Beach Resort.  High numbers are expected this year so please warn other parents and encourage them to donate generously as proceeds come to the Club.
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At Bijou and Mainsite we will be holding a Halloween glow party with music, dancing, prizes and Halloween themed activities.  Children are welcome to bring their costume and change into it at the Club.
Wherever you celebrate this year we hope that you have a frighteningly good time.


And in other Club news for October:
Due to high numbers homework hour is now split by age group.  TK through 2nd do homework between 4 and 4:40pm and 3rd through 5th grade from 4:40 to 5:20pm.  So if your child is in the higher grades and you pick them up prior to 5:20pm they will NOT have finished their homework and it should be completed at home.  On the plus side – they are getting more active time which is good for the mind and body.


Congratulations to our October Youths of the Month,

Blue group-Isabella Sanchez,  Dashiell Ryland,  Evelyn Watzka

Lime group-Brylan Pawley,  Rodrigo Garcia,  Gustavo Jimenez

Gold group-Adrian Mariscal,  Austin Reichel,  Ruby Hackett

Teens-Willem Madrid

Finally, our ED Jude Wood participated in TEDxSLT in October, speaking on the importance of resiliency in children and how as a community we need to prioritise children and families.  Look out for the You Tube video that will be out in a few months.
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