The Holidays are upon us. That means breaks from school and quality time with your loved ones. This year Thanksgiving break will be from November 24th through November 28th. On Friday November 21st ALL schools have a minimum day and the follow week all schools are closed in Honor of Thanksgiving. During the break, The Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe will be open for all day programs. We will be open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday November 24th, Tuesday November 25th & Wednesday November 26th. The Club WILL BE CLOSED on Thursday November 27th and Friday November 28.

During the break a packed breakfast, lunch and snack MUST BE provided for all members each day. Members are required to sign up for the break which can be done at both sites. Only our Al Tahoe site will be open during Thanksgiving Break, our Bijou site will be closed. Bijou members who wish to attend will be shuttled from Bijou over to the Main site at 9 am Mon-wed. Again please fill out our Thanksgiving break registration form found at each site to let us know how many kids we can expect for shuttle each day.

We are offering Swimming club for $15.00 per child and Ice skating Club for $15.00 per child or both clubs for $20.00. If your child is signed up for a club they must arrive by 10 am each day to ensure they do not miss the instructions.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions 530-542-0838 or by email at

On behalf of the Boys and Girls Club Family we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Thanksgiving break