Starting on Thursday 4th February the School District has announced that it will be returning to phase 2 of their reopening plan, which allows for hybrid learning for grades K through 8th.  The High School will not be able to enter phase 2 until the region is out of the purple tier and 5 additional days have passed.  In the meantime, getting the younger grades back into the classroom for two mornings a week is a great start.

Of course, this means that things are also changing at the Club.  The good thing is that we have already completed the transition from phase 1 to 2 already and so we hope that it will be relatively smooth.  However, we have had some questions and so we thought it would be useful to address those quickly here.
Q. I was part of phase 1; do I have to reapply for phase 2?
A. No.  If you were part of our phase 1 program, or previous part of our phase 2 program we will automatically enroll you unless you OPT OUT.  We do anticipate all places being filled and therefore if you don’t need the Club at this time please let us know ASAP.
Q. How will lunches work?
A. The Club (in partnership with LTUSD) will provide lunches at the Club and at the Rec. Center.  Members DO NOT need to take the frozen lunches from the school UNLESS you would like to have the food available for dinner time or to supplement food at home.
Q. Why are you closed on Wednesdays?
A. We do not have the rooms or the staff to enable us to facilitate cohorts A and B separately for a full day.
Q. Do you have places available?
A. Yes we do.  The available places are specific to grade and cohort but please call the Club on 530 542 0838 for the most up-to-date availability.
Q. Does my child have to come on all 4 days each week?
A. No they do not, but you will be charged for each day, unless we call a closure due to COVID or snow.  HOWEVER, we have a lot of families who would like to have a place at the Club and therefore if you don’t intend to attend regularly, please consider giving your place to another family.
Q. On the non-school days my child’s zoom starts at 8:30am and that’s when you open.
A. We can not open earlier as we are already operating for 9 hours; please tell your teacher that your child attends Club and may be late to that first zoom.  Or complete the first zoom at home and drop off afterwards.
Q. If my child’s class has an exposure and closes, can they come to the Club?
A. No.  The ability for the Club to stay open relies on members with COVID or exposed to COVID quarantining at home.  We will check with the school to ensure members quarantined by the school DO NOT attend Club until released from quarantine.
Q. How will President’s week work?
A. All whole year members are welcome to apply for a spot in our President’s week program, however we will prioritize members who have attended the Club in phases 1 and 2 in order to minimise exposure.
Please ensure you are signed up for BAND or closely monitor our social media for updates.
We are excited for this step forward for our community but we will only stay in phase 2 if we minimise exposures for teaching staff, and therefore stay home from School and Club when you have participated in a group gathering, have been exposed to a positive person, or have any of the COVID symptoms.  Help ALL our kids and families by staying safe and thinking of others.