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Plan Ahead for Germ Season

Let’s plan ahead for germ season.  Back to school is so exciting; new teachers, new friends, maybe a new school.  But there is a downside to everyone reconvening together – and that is germs.  The kids took a whole school year to build up their immunity and then over the summer met new people and went to new places with different germs.  And now, before too soon, the familiar back to school coughs and colds will start.

While coughs and colds are an inevitable part of life, here at the Club we do strive to limit the passing of germs and sickness as much as possible.  Therefore we have the following policies and procedures for staff and parents to follow and ask for your help in making this the healthiest school year yet!


  • Handwashing/basic hygiene: Club members are encouraged to wash hands when using the restrooms and before and after eating.We also encourage members to sneeze and cough into the crook of their arm.  The sign-in keypad, door handles etc are regularly cleaned and disinfected to reduce the spread of germs.


  • Common cough/cold: provided that the member is not currently running a fever (temperature is under 99.5F without the use of medication), the child is able to manage their runny nose or covering their cough in a hygienic manner, and is able to fully participate in all Club activities, then members with mild coughs and colds can attend the Club.


  • Excessive coughing: where a child has bronchitis or frequent coughing due to a severe cold or other issues, we recommend for their sake that they stay home in order to recover more quickly.Excessive coughing that leads to vomiting or problems breathing are deemed reasons to go home and parents will be notified to pick their child up


  • Headlice: the stigma of headlice is worse than the actual condition.However, the Club takes steps to prevent them from spreading.  Children are asked not to share or exchange clothing, especially hats.  During the winter months we ask members not to pile coats and hats on top of each other, but to hang them up separately.  Members with long hair are encouraged to tie it back and we have lice sprays for our soft furnishings.  The Club reserves the right to periodically check members’ hair if alerted to an outbreak at any of the schools.  If a member is found to have lice, we will request that they are picked up from Club and that a medically approved shampoo treatment is given at home.  The member may return once their hair has been treated but we ask that long hair continues to be tied back.


  • Vomitting: if your child has vomited at home or school, please DO NOT send them to the Club until they have gone 24 hours without throwing up.They should also be free of fever, diarrhea or any other illness for 24 hours.  If a member vomits at the Club, we will ask that they be taken home immediately and not return to Club until they have been fully recovered for 24 hours or more without aid from medicine.


  • Diarrhea: please do not send your child to the Club if they have an upset stomach or diarrhea.The child must be free of diarrhea (without the use of medical aids) for 24 hours before they can attend the Club.  If a member has an episode of diarrhea at the Club, we will request that they are picked up and taken home as soon as possible.  If clothing is soiled, the staff will determine if it is salvageable and reserves the right to dispose of it if not.


  • Fever: the average normal temperature for a child is 98.6F.A temperature of 99.5F or above is considered a fever.  Please DO NOT bring your child to the Club is they are running a fever or have recorded a temperature of 99.5 or above in the last 24 hours.  We have the ability to test temperature at the Club and will do so if a members complains of feeling ill.  If the member is running a temperature of 99.5F or above then we will ask that they are taken home immediately.  The member is not permitted to return to Club until they have had a normal temperature (app. 98.6F) for a period of 24 hours or more without the help of medication.


  • Strep: if white spots or patches are present on the back of your child’s throat or their tonsils, please do not send them to the Club.Strep is highly contagious and therefore we ask that the child not return to the Club until all symptoms have been gone for 24 hours or more.


  • Sudden rashes: children are prone to rashes.Some can be as simple as a touch of heat rash, while others are indicators of a severe allergic reaction or contagious diseases such as chicken pox.  Please do not send you child to the Club if they have a sudden rash that is not easily explained.  If your child develops a rash at the Club, we will examine it and if we believe it to be an allergic reaction or possible virus we will contact parents immediate for the child to be picked up and recommend that they are checked by a Doctor.


  • Administering Medicines: Club staff are all trained in CPR and basic first aid.However we are not able to administer prescription or over the counter medicines to any members.  We can hold items such as inhalers for a member to use and older members can keep medicines at the Club to administer themselves after consultation with a member of the admin. team.  (The exception to this is an epi-pen, which would be administered by staff as part of emergency first aid in the event of an allergic reaction, 911 will also be called).  It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that emergency medicines such as inhalers or epi-pens do not pass their expiration date and to renew them as necessary.  If a child needs regular doses of medicine, then a parent is welcome to come to the Club during Club hours to administer the medicine to their child.

The Club reserves the right to send any child home if they believe them to be sick to the extent where they may infect others or are unable to participate in Club activities.Sometimes children exaggerate their symptoms but the policy of the Club is that it is better to be safe than sorry and therefore all complaints of feeling sick will be taken seriously.

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