Can you believe that we only have 7 weekends until Santa arrives? And for all of us the remainder of 2021 is starting to look really busy!

However, we have a few more important dates for your calendar.

The first one and a VERY important one is that the Club will be CLOSED on November 11th and 12th. The 11th is Veteran’s Day and a National Holiday. The 12th is a staff training day for LTUSD (postponed from during the heavy smoke conditions in August). As you know, when the schools are closed during vacations, we open for full days to support our members and working families. However, to do that, we need staff and unfortunately, as a number of our staff work for the School District, they are unavailable on the 12th.

Furthermore, we only have access to Mainsite when schools are closed and would have to distill members at two sites down into one. How do you decide which half of the Club gets to attend? We already have that problem in the vacations, and go through an application process to try and ensure we are meeting the needs of those who need us most. However, that is a large undertaking for just one day.

Therefore we made the difficult decision to be closed to members on the 12th, but staff will still be working and will be taking a number of training modules from Boys and Girls Club of America.

The second important set of dates is the Thanksgiving Break. Families enrolled in the Fall Semester will have received via email an application form for the break (if you have not, please reach out to We also have printed copies available at both sites. Spaces are limited so if you are taking the week off work, please give that place to someone who can’t. Forms must be returned by November 10th and successful applicants will be notified by the 12th November.

The Club will be open on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th November from 8:30am to 5:30pm. The Club is CLOSED Thanksgiving Day and Family Friday.

Also coinciding with Thanksgiving will be the 7 days of AWESOME. Showcasing the Club’s values, we will be posting seven days of videos on our social media channels and inviting the community to donate to the Club on Giving Tuesday. All donations go into our Team AWESOME scholarship fund and in running the programs your kids know and love. Even if you can’t donate yourself, consider sharing those posts with family, friends and community. Donors giving over $30 get an AWESOME pair of socks as a thank you.

Speaking of thanks, we will be including our members, their families and our donors in our thanks this year. Our members make our work a joy and the support of our families and donors enables us to keep doing what we love. THANK YOU!