While we wish we could accommodate every child and family in our community, the unfortunate truth is that we only have so much space.  So if you are one of the families that are on our wait list, we are truly sorry, and here are a few suggestions and other options for childcare this summer.
Firstly, if you are on the wait list all is not lost.  Last year we were able to admit a number of children on the wait list during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of summer.  Once we were able to judge our average daily attendance and determine that we could admit more children and stay within our leader to child ratio.  Find out what your place is on the wait list.  If in tenth place or above there is a good chance you might get in.  So just organize alternative activities/childcare for the first couple of weeks.  Then call the Club at the end of the first week (and second if necessary) and see if we have made space.
Secondly, you could also look at buying a punch card for the crucial days when only the Club will work for you.  But be warned, we have a limited number of punch cards, so get one ASAP.
If you are far down our wait list, then we recommend checking out some of the other summer programs in town.
The Rec. Center has an excellent STAR camp that operates Monday through Fridays for the majority of the summer.  Kahle Community Center often sells out more quickly that we do, but it is always worth calling to see if they have space on specific days.
LTCC offers a wide arrange of specialist summers camps – with activities ranging from Spanish to archery.  Some are half day, while others are full day.  Our very own Club parent Jaime Orr is hosting two STEM Camps at LTCC and scholarships will be available via the Club.
The Tahoe Institute for Natural Sciences is running a number of week long camps focusing on science, wildlife and the environment, and the Tahoe Rim Trail are running backpacking trips on their own and with other organizations, such as SOS and Live Violence Free.   Those trips are similar to the one they run with us and would be ideal for kids not able to attend our backpacking trip.  Live Violence Free also has a once a week ‘Tribe’ program.  Focusing on older teens, Tribe will offer fun adventure activities around the basin.
And don’t forget that your child can still get a FREE breakfast and lunch at the Club, even if they aren’t members.
Finally, we won’t forget you.  We want your child to be here as much as you do, so we will keep checking attendance and the wait list throughout the summer and will call you if we get space.  So make sure you are on that wait list and all your paperwork is completed before the summer starts.