Last Friday the staff of the Boys and Girls Club were proud to see a number of Club Members graduate South Tahoe High Sschool’s graduation ceremony.  Seeing young men and women who we have known and worked with since they were in elementary school go off into the big, wide world is both wonderful and also a reminder that childhood is fleeting and that we must make the most of each day that we have with our members.

One graduate that we are particularly proud of is Alejandro.  ‘Alex’ joined the Club when he was just six years old and was an active participant in the Club all the way into High School when he first became a junior volunteer and then a junior staff.  I will never forget Alex’s first day as a junior staff.  As the new face the Blue Group had given him a really rough time and he was blown away by how hard it had been.  We had to remind Alex that he was equally tough on staff at times and that it would get easier.  And it did.  Alex is an incredibly hard worker and very soon he was adored by members and staff alike and we were sad but happy for him when he moved on to work at K-Mart.  They too have recognized his worth and he is now a manager there.
Due to his years of involvement in the Club, his volunteering and his hard work, Alex was the 2016 recipient of the ‘Be Great’ scholarship.  The scholarship provides funding for tuition costs at LTCC and Alex will be able to put the money towards any course that he would like.  We know that Alex will make great use of this opportunity and are proud that the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe played a part in making Alex the wonderful man that he is today.  
Congratulations to Alex and all our 2016 Graduates.  We are proud of you and hope that you take the Club ethos of accountability, honesty and active citizenship, with you through your life.
The ‘Be Great’ scholarship is funded by Jeff Tillman of South Tahoe Refuse and donations from the public.  If you would like to contribute to the fund then please visit or send a check to the Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation and specify that the money is for the Boys and Girls Club Be Great Scholarship.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.