The Club has been actively monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak in California, and also the responses of Barton Hospital, Lake Tahoe Unified School District and El Dorado County.  Although there are currently no reported cases in either El Dorado or Douglas Counties, we wish to be as proactive as possible to protect our members, our staff and the wider community.

Today the Governor of California placed a limit on public gatherings of 250 people or more.  Neither of our Club sites (main site or Bijou) are over 250 people, including members and staff.  Staff are regularly wiping down frequently touched surfaces with clorex wipes and encouraging hand washing amongst our members.

However, to aid these precautions, we do ask that any sick child (with any illness, as the flu is still going around our schools) be kept home and away from school and Club.  We also ask that for the next two weeks parents refrain from eating dinner with members in the MPR.  Instead we would be delighted to provide you with ‘dinner-to-go’.  This is to limit additional adult numbers in the Club and potential exposure for everyone.

If a member presents to staff with a fever we would follow our regular protocols which is to separate the child from the group and contact their parents for immediate pick-up.  However, we are now providing the added addition of the 24/7 Barton COVID-19 Health Line, 530.600.1999.  Parents will be asked to call the number and have their child screened over the phone for COVID-19.  We will ask parents to inform the Club of the results of the screening, which we will then share with the School District.  While we are highly respectful of our members’ privacy, this is an exceptional circumstance and it is important the Club communicates openly with the schools on matters of member/student health.

Like, LTUSD, we also ask that if a child has travelled outside of the region, or to a place where there is known COVID-19 outbreaks, that they do not return to Club until a full two weeks have passed.

In the event that a child or adult at one of the preschools or other organizations at Al Tahoe becomes infected we would take advice from the County and Barton on what our response will be.  There is little to no interaction between our staff and members and other organizations at Al Tahoe, but we will still take every precaution necessary and reserve the right to close the Club for disinfecting if necessary.

If the schools close in an effort to prevent or limit the spread of COVID-19, then the Club will also close.  We appreciate that this will place a burden on our parents without the ability to take PTO or sick leave, but if as a community we have reached the point of self-isolation for public safety, the Club must support that decision and protect our staff and members.

In the event of a closure, the Club will put out a message on BAND, Facebook and in South Tahoe Now.

COVID-19 is an evolving issue and as new guidance or regulations from the CDC, the State and local authorities is issued, the Club will react accordingly.  Please monitor any updates.

And please keep washing your hands and self-isolating if you feel at all sick.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Jude or Ashley on 530 542 0838.