Back to School 2016 – 2017: What a great and busy start to the School Year. We have welcomed a lot of new members to the Club; throughout all age groups and are excited to be offering a packed program of activities and events this fall.

The biggest change for this school year is that Sierra House will be coming to the Club straight after school ends and completing their homework hour here along with students from Tahoe Valley and Magnet. We are very excited for this change as it will enable far more Sierra House students to participate in our enrichment programs and have the opportunity to connect with their friends from other schools.

Another change is that we will be offering a choice of programs to our members. Once homework is completed, members will transition to their age groups and will have the option of staying with their leader to do an activity or transferring to another member of staff to participate in health and wellness, STEM or arts specific activities. This enables us to deliver more programs and also to allow the children to participate in subjects that they are particularly interested in.

Our primary focus this school year is social and emotional growth and physical and mental well-being. So as we did in the summer, we will be offering a lot of group activities that promote team-work, collaboration and communication, and also placing an emphasis upon active play. We will be having a word of the week that aligns with these goals.

Returning parents will also notice a change to our membership cards. We believe that the new cards will be more durable and the colors will help us to ensure new members go with their correct groups.

As we do have a lot of new members and are working hard to remember names and faces, please be extra patient with us for the first few weeks when picking up your child; particularly if the whole Club is playing outside. When members are running around playing tag or heads are down concentrating on building a city in the sandpit, it can be hard for them to hear their name or for staff to immediately locate them. Once we get to know personalities and favorite activities it will get much quicker.

The next big all Club event will be our Haunted House and Halloween Party on Friday 28th October. Parents and siblings welcome to join in the fun. And on October 17th is our annual Golf Classic at Edgewood Tahoe (purchase tickets here). This is our largest fundraiser of the year; helping us to keep our doors open and our fees low. Visit to sign up or if you can donate raffle prizes or silent auction items then Kili would love to hear from you at (530)542 0838.

And finally, just a reminder that we do open early on minimum days, and we will be open from 8.30am to 5.30pm on the 21st/22nd and 23rd November. However, we will be closed on November 11th, 24th and 25th for the National Holidays.

If you have any questions about the program or Club operations, please feel free to reach out to Ashley at Al Tahoe or Gina at Bijou – or pop by the main office and ask for Kelly or Jude.

Thanks for being part of the BGCLT family and we look forward to a fantastic school year.