Good news for anyone that has had to wade through deep water and ice to pick up their child from the Club or any of the pre-schools based at Al Tahoe – the parking lot is getting a face lift.  Thomas Hain and Company are currently employed by LTUSD to expand the drainage capacity for the parking lot and prevent the large water build up we have seen over past winters.  The parking lot will also be regraded to create a downhill slope towards the drain that will help with water run-off.  However, they will not be able to eradicate the big dip in the far side of the lot as that is caused by tree roots.
Staff at the Club are not disappointed, as the dip acts as an inverted speed bump for some of the faster drivers who enter the lot.  Thanks to foresight by Steve Brennan and Steve Morales, the new drainage capacity was calculated to include the Club’s new 12,000 sq ft building, and as we get further along the design and construction phase, the parking lot will be expanded and further improved to allow for increased usage.
However, in the meantime there are a few things that Club parents, community members and parking lot users can do to make everyone’s life easier.
If picking up your child before the elementary school buses have arrived (3 to 4pm) please avoid parking directly in front of the Club, as that is where the buses need to drop the kids off.  Also avoid parking in a way that creates a narrow gap that the buses can’t get through – this just holds everyone up and results in you get an angry beep from the bus driver.  Please always park between two lines.  If there isn’t a line either side of your car you shouldn’t park there and you are creating an obstruction for other vehicles.  Please don’t park on the dirt.  Our local scientists will tell you that parking on the dirt creates erosion that causes problems to that area and can also increase sediment in the Lake.  Please also don’t park in front of the green barrier across the emergency access to the playground.  That is where an ambulance will need to go if there is a serious emergency on the playground and fields.  There is also a shiny new fire hydrant near the blue recycling dumpster – don’t park in front or next to that either.
Drive through the lot like your kid goes here – which they do!  It is always shocking to see parents speed through the parking lot when they know that this is a high traffic area for children, and we’ve already witnessed one head on collision between two vehicles in the lot.  Finally, please share this information with other parents at your school and in your circle.  We see significant increases in parking lot usage during AYSO and Little League seasons and not all those parents understand that Al Tahoe is home to BGCLT and 7 pre-schools.  Teach them to understand the importance of courteous and safe driving behavior around our parking lot and buildings.  Your child will be safer as a result.