Club arrival and entrance:

  • All members and parents to STAY in car on arrival.
  • All members to have their temperature taken and recorded upon arrival, while they are still inside their car
  • Parents are requested to stay on site until they have received verbal communication from a staff member that their child(ren) can enter the Club
  • Members with a temperature of 100F or higher will be asked to return to their parents and not to attend Club until their temperature has remained below 100F for 3 consecutive days without medication.
  • Members are requested to sanitize their hands upon entrance to the Club and immediately place their backpack inside their classroom, where it is to remain for the duration of their time at Club
  • Parents are requested to apply sunscreen to their child(ren) prior to arrival at Club

Equipment and belongings:

  • Members are requested to ONLY bring a water bottle, personal facemask, personal hand sanitizer (if they wish) and disposable gloves (if they wish) to Club.  Members who are at risk of accidents are requested to bring a clean change of clothing in their backpack.
  • Personal toys, electronics, blankets, balls etc are strictly FORBIDDEN.

Groups and staffing:

  • Members will be in groups of 12 with 1 member of staff. This is the current CDC recommended guidance for a school/youth club setting.
  • Members will be grouped with children of a similar age, but where siblings are close in age they will be grouped together to support limiting exposure outside of the household.
  • Every effort will be made to place a group with the same member of staff each day.
  • Interaction between groups will be limited as much as possible.

Group behaviors, activities and programming:

  • We ask that ALL members bring a double layer, cloth, labeled with their name, facemask to Club.
  • Members will be encouraged to wear their facemask while indoors.
  • Members will be expected to adhere to the rules of keeping their hands to themselves and respecting social distancing. Any member found to be disrespecting or purposefully breaking those boundaries will be asked to leave Club and will have to agree to a behavior contract prior to return.
  • Programs will be restricted to those activities which limit the sharing of equipment and supplies. Each group will be provided with their own sports equipment and it will be wiped down after each use.
  • Members will be provided with the ability to stay a 6ft distance from other members while at Club.
  • Bathroom use will be limited to one member at a time and handwashing is to occur before and after.
  • Recess will be staggered and members will interact with their own group
  • The playground will be closed as per the CA State guidance, recess will be held on the blacktop and fields


  • Members will NOT be permitted to use Club phones during the summer
  • Any required calls home will be made by staff only
  • Parents should ensure that all changes in schedule or family arrangements are made and communicated to their children before or after Club.
  • If staff need to communicate with you, either via an incident report or regarding a program, then the letter will be given to your child to hand straight to you. If a signature is required, please return it via your child the next day.
  • If you need to communicate with a staff member, please phone or email the Admin. Team
  • No ad hoc in-person meetings will occur


  • Classrooms will be cleaned periodically during the day and each evening. Every effort will be made to return members to the same classroom each day.
  • High touch areas such as door handles, tables, chairs, light switches etc will be wiped down hourly.
  • Members will be asked to wash their hands hourly.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at stations throughout the Club.
  • Any shared equipment will be wiped down before and after use.
  • Hands will be washed before and after sports.
  • Members will be reminded to refrain from touching each other and to give 6ft of personal space wherever possible.
  • Older members will be encouraged to participate in the cleaning and wiping down of their personal area. This is in line with our goals of instilling responsibility and accountability in our members.


  • Wherever possible, members are asked to participate in the meals provided by the Club, helping us to limit surface exposure to equipment from outside the Club.
  • If due to allergies or dietary restrictions your child brings food from home, please only provide food in disposable wrappers which will be thrown away after use.
  • All trays will be cleaned and sanitized between meals.
  • Members must arrive before 9.00am to receive breakfast.
  • Meals will be eaten in member’s designated rooms and only with their group.
  • Members with allergies are asked to fill out the Club’s allergy form; where the allergies are severe, a note is requested from the Doctor as this will permit us to provide alternative meals/snacks
  • Parents whose child(ren) need additional snacks are requested to communicate that need to staff. Snacks from home are discourage to reduce the risk of sharing food and surface exposure.


  • Parents will not be allowed inside the Club until social distancing is eased.
  • When picking your child up from Club you can
  • Call ahead and have your child waiting for you. You will be required to park, show yourself to front desk and your child will be released.
  • Park, show yourself to front desk (a door will be open), and then stand on one of the blue crosses outside until your child exits the building


  • Payments and paperwork will continue to be done via email and phone.
  • Checks/cash payments can be arranged as necessary.
  • If you need to speak to a member of staff about an incident at Club or your child, phone calls are the preferred method of communication and emails will also be responded to as soon as the staff is available.


  • If your child has auto immunity or is at greater risk to COVID-19 or complications arising from the virus, it is vitally important that you share that information immediately with our administrative staff.
  • If your child has a fever, headache, loss of smell, loss of taste, rash, difficultly breathing, mucus or any other symptom that suggests that they may have COVID-19, flu, stomach flu or any infectious illness, they MUST be kept home until they have been symptom free, without medicinal aid, for 72 hours. We also highly recommend that you call the Barton Hospital Helpline on 530 600 1999.
  • If your child develops fever, headache, loss of smell, loss of taste, rash, difficultly breathing, mucus or any other symptom that suggests that they made have COVID-19, flu, stomach flu or any infectious illness, they will be placed in isolation and you will be requested to pick them up immediately. We then request that you call the Barton Hospital Covid-19 helpline on 530 600 1999 and inform us of the guidance they prior to you.
  • If anyone in your household has a fever, headache, loss of smell, loss of taste, rash, difficultly breathing, mucus or any other symptom that suggests that they may have COVID-19, flu, stomach flu or any infectious illness, please keep your child(ren) at home until they have been symptom free, without medicinal aid, for 72 hours. We also highly recommend that you call the Barton Hospital Helpline on 530 600 1999.
  • If anyone in your household is COVID-19 positive, all members of the household are effectively placed in quarantine and your child(ren) MUST NOT attend the Club until you have been released from quarantine by the Public Health Department.
  • Any member with a fever can not return to Club until they have gone 72 hours with a temperature less than 100F without medicine.
  • If your child’s fever has lasted over 24 hours, we request that you undertake a COVID-19 test at Barton Hospital or LTCC and obtain a negative result before returning to Club.
  • Normal minor first aid will still be provided by the Club, but to adhere to social distancing, members may be asked to apply their own band aids, wash their own scrapes etc
  • If your child comes down with a fever while not at Club, please still inform us immediately so that we may monitor their group and staff, and provide extra sanitization to their room.
  • If a member or staff becomes sick with COVID-19, the Club will inform everyone that may have been exposed and reserved the right to close the Club for a minimum of 72 hours to fully clean, sanitize and monitor for additional cases.


  • For the sake of the members, staff and our community, families attending Club are respectfully asked to limit their travel and exposure, even after the stay at home order ends.
  • If your family is taking a vacation, or is receiving visitors from outside the local area, we ask that you take all precautions necessary to avoid infection.
  • If you notice that your child is unwell, PLEASE do not send them to Club, this is for the sake of all the members and our staff.


  • The Club reserves the right to close the Club at any time over the course of the summer. Instances that could lead to a closure are: reinstatement of the County stay-at-home order, a spike in COVID-19 cases in the City, direction from LTUSD (who own our building) or the belief that we have an outbreak at the Club.  As the Club is a membership organization and members are not charged for attendance, refunds will not be given for any days that the Club is closed.